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  1. Props to Hooglebug, who had a really classy guitar, and Jaden who had a sweet guitar. But my vote went to the chambered nylon string. The world needs more of these and this one looks pretty cool. The execution is not flawless, but I like the overall vibe. Oh and, Avengers, that scarf joint accent looks familiar huh?
  2. A few older guitars are now for sale. ebay auctions up. Stage Acoustic Amara Nova
  3. Yep sure looks that way. Why such a big cavity for the selector switch?
  4. +1 I also despise bending wood binding around a tight cutaway. Never fun. Other than that it's a fun all the way.
  5. Dave got my vote. Very classy, and his first build at that!
  6. Nice color. Any chance we can get a side angle shot so we can see the black limba and spalt together? Very nice as always.
  7. So what happened to you routing the pickups only after the finish is done? Has your stance on this changed? Thoughts?
  8. The first body shape for sure. That's an awesome piece of wood. BTW, are your toenails painted? Not judging... just asking.
  9. Slightly off topic, but you should try and reuse those pickup covers. You can't buy aged like that. (and maybe even pole pieces if it's possible to screw them out and put them in the new pickup? I have no idea, never seen it done)
  10. Sometimes simple is the way to go. Or, perhaps I'm just simple.
  11. You'd hope so, but why chance it? You never know how much it will move, and it's always better to be on the safe side... Again you'd hope so, but that's extra work, and I try to level frets as little as possible to keep as much height as possible. You'd just be saving yourself extra work/time/headaches if you waited. my .02
  12. I see what he is saying. And the answer is no, you need different screws. The screws that go through P-90s are wood screws and the humbucker screws are actually machine screws that thread into the metal plate of the pickup.
  13. Odds are after you carve the neck will move, even if just a little. Therefore making your frets unlevel. I always fret last. That makes sure your frets *stay* level after you do all the work to get them that way.
  14. Option 3 for the necks, and for the pickups I'd go HH on the top, and HSS on the bottom.
  15. Sorry, but no. The master volume control on amps is a volume placed right before the power tubes. When you turn it down the power tubes are no longer being pushed into overdrive and you only have preamp tube "distortion". The poweramp tube "overdrive" is where the creamy goodness comes from. Preamp distortion is always "harder" and not as smooth as poweramp distortion. But some people hate the sound of poweramp tubes being pushed, so you'll have to decide for yourself.
  16. Good luck! I was 14 when I got on here and built my first guitar. It was a horrible guitar, but a great learning experience and 5 years later I'm doing it full time and making a living out of it.
  17. The reason I do it the way I do is this, First I slot because you have a nice square edge to work with. Than a glue it to the neck, because you still have a nice flat top to clamp to. Than I rout and install any binding/purfling because you still have a nice flat top to sit against the router table and keep things square. Only then do I radius. Plus it's easier to radius at this point because the board is thinner (profiled) and you have less area to sand. But like I said, I use preslotted boards now.
  18. I use pre-radiused/slotted fingerboards and I taper them after gluing them to the neck with a flush trim bit. But back before I switched to those I would slot first, than glue to the neck and profile, than radius.
  19. For me 10s are perfect for electric tuned standard, and 11s are perfect for anything drop tuned. For acoustics I use 12 or 13 depending on the guitar.
  20. Is that double V made out of padouk? Man that thing must weigh a ton and a half!
  21. I believe he meant 24 fret. He specifies 650mm scale length which is a 25.5".
  22. It's durawoods website FYI and I've had nothing but awesome experiences with him. I ordered a few months ago with no problems. +1 to maybe on vacation?
  23. Very Very nice. Classy, while still being unique. I'd own one.
  24. If it sounds anything like the bandit than it's poopy. I'd suggest spending your money elsewhere. I've never liked the tone of the solid state peaveys. Really the classic series are the only peavey amps I like. If your looking to play in your church service you probably want a low wattage tube amp that can get great overdrive tone at low volumes (because we all know church sound guys are more worried about volume than actually getting a good mix for god knows what reason). The new Vox AC4TV is a low watt single channel tube amp that is coming out in a few months and from what I hear they sound killer, and at $250 for the combo, $199 for the head how can you resist? I'm going to buy one and run it cranked with an A/B switcher to swap between it and my Orange.
  25. I've heard nothing but good things about the box of rock. I actually went to a concert a few nights ago and the guitarist was using a BOR into a divided by 13 head and his tone was amazing.
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