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  1. Hey all! Just a little life update: Failed at being a cop. I have a big mouth, and I found myself unable to hold my tongue when it comes to dumbasses. So I discontinued my efforts and went and got my EMT! I stick tubes in people's orafaces now. Then I get them to a nurse before they puke or crap, that way I don't have to clean it up. Good times! Seriously though, the job is the most rewarding job I've ever had, and I plan on doing it for a very long time. I plan on getting certification for firefighter 1 in the 2nd half of this year That said, where am I with this build? Well, I work 100
  2. Hi teal, I work for home depot, and I'm a little offended. While I haven't built the most amazing instruments, I have built a rhoads copy. You can check it out in my signature if you want. I built it to fit my old ibanez neck. While I did build that guitar, I will put it under a category of sub-par, as I attempted to use hand tools on all the routing cavities. The end result is a pretty nice looking instrument with a lot of hidden mistakes. My point is the final picture I have in the thread. I have it hanging next to a bunch of other Jackson Vs that I was copying.
  3. You have no idea how much I want a shop! I have money saved up for it and everything. I'm seeing a ton of deals at work, too and I can't act on any of them because I don't have the room in this apartment!
  4. So yeah, remember that beautiful maple burl that I bought online, and was so happy about, but so reluctant to work on? Well, that's the picture you look at when you view the product you want to buy online. However, what isn't explained (and i'm assuming this is true for any website that sells burl or figured woods) is that there is a "show" side," which is the side you see online, and there is a "raw side" which is the side they don't show you: Basically, that's the side that they sliced with the saw, and the other side was sent through a planer I'm assuming... and somehow they plane
  5. Its a good way of doing things, Scott! Joining side marked up: Leveling it out on the sandpaper covered granite tile results: Final result: After seeing the LP body blank sitting in the front of my body blank pile for a year, it looks really strange to me being completely flat with a slightly different grain pattern due to the layers of color in black limba. But it is completely flat, and it has a suction when I try to pick it up off of my kitchen table, which is what I was looking for! I sanded up the back a little bit too, but I kept it a little convex for my comfort. Lo
  6. So it's been almost a year since I last touched on this build. Lots of stuff has been going on in life with finding a house, getting a reliable vehicle, bands, deciding which branch of public service I would like to choose a career in, etc. Lots of stuff! I don't have any pictures right now, but I am starting back up on the project. The original glue joint on the body blank was a perfect glue joint. However, due to a natural curve in the original plank, I have to level it down flat. Unfortunately, I do not have any access to a planer, but I did get ahold of a 20x20" granite tile, which i
  7. It looks like he's using the speedloader thingers from EMG
  8. Hey John, You won! Congratulations! Very nice work on this!
  9. seems like its just one thing after another with this. Thanks for keeping us updated!
  10. Is that limba from the screwed up neck blank that i gave you to mess with?
  11. That's cool! I'm pretty sure everyone is reiterating for reference to anyone else who may be reading. That's what i do anyway. The only problem i can see with routing first (and this is a problem that I've had) is if you need to make any corrections to your neck pocket rout because the pocket is too small or too big or whatever, then all of your other routs and mounts will be off. I think it's a safe bet to route for the neck pocket and make sure the neck fits first. I know proper measurements are key and everything to making sure mistakes like that dont happen, but sometimes they do,
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