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  1. Hi there!I own Kramer Pacer deluxe and I bought it couple days ago.The previous owner has put Gun Oil on the back of the neck and now the neck looks like its dirty and it's making me nervous very much.I've found some tutorials on google and it says that I can use Hair Dryer.I tried and it don't help.Please help me.Thank you very much!!!
  2. Hi there.I need little help.I'm repairing my guitar and I don't know how to fill the holes that are from previous bolts.Actualy it was HSH and I'm making it only with one humbacker on the bridge.Please help me.Thanks and God bless!
  3. First of all thanks guys for the help.I'm new in this things and I don't understand some things very well.I like to make a sticker and cover my guitar's body and then with lacquer cover the whole body so the sticker will stay under the lacquer.So first of all i have to know what kind of sticker do I need(vynil or something else) and if I can make it at home what do I need.Thanks again and long live!
  4. Hi there! For a long time I want to make a vynil decal and to cover my guitar's body.I live in Macedonia (if you know where is).It's a small country near Kosovo,Greece,Bulgaria and here it's very hard for me to make vynil sticker.The print factorys don't print less than 1000 for example but that's not the problem.Here a vynil sticker will cost me minimum 100$ and maybe more.So i decided to ask you if I can make vynil sticker at home and how.Please help me.Write everyting i need.Thanks to everyone and God bless!
  5. Thanks RAI6!I have big expirience with photoshop.I think that i'll handle with the dpis.Thanks unclej i'll see what can I learn.marksound it's a computer desktop but it's a wallpaper with the portrait of a sad child made with charcoal.Thanks!
  6. Thanks guys for posting but i have some beginers questions because im realy newbie in this stuff.First thing is to find picture with 300dpi.Then to print that picture on vinyl and after that put on my guitars body.Then with laquer over the entire vinyl and guitar body.Please be more specific.Thanks!
  7. Sorry man I dont understand you.How do you mean to print for me?You mean they to print my body or to make those pictures on paper for example and I to make them with glue for ex. on my body?
  8. Hi there! I have found some wallpapers on internet and i want one of the to put on my guitar.How can i do that.Thanks!
  9. OK.So everthing i have to do is to test some colours on my old guitar body.Actualy is a sanded body of a Fender Jaguar copy so i'll try on it.Thanks a lot and if you find some tutorials meanwhile please post.Thanks again!
  10. But there is one problem.I'm not in America,I'm from Macedonia(if you know where it is) and here is very hard to find that kind of paints.Nearest country is Greece.My father works in Greece and i'll told him to search for that kind of paints or someone here from the forum to send me to my home address.
  11. My question is simple.Can i use car paint to make my guitar's body swirled and if i can how can i do that?If someone has tried , friend has told him or has a tutorial for that please post.Thanks!
  12. Hi there!!! I'm about to make swirl on my guitar but i don't understand what kind of oil paints i have to use.I have tried to add linseed oil(boiled oil i don't know the right word) in offset inks and that paint i put in dish with water.I swirled the the paint in the water and i got the same effect as in swirling tutorial.I put one white plastic cup and after pulling out i got swirls on it.So my question is:Can i use offset inks to make swirl on my guitar and what should i do for finishing that?Thanks!!!
  13. Hi there!!! Your swril is great man.Lucky you.It seemd to me that is a hard job to make swrils on the guitar.I haven tried yet but...I'm interested in swriling my guitar's body but i don't understan the tutorial on projectguitar main page verywell.Can you explain in details about the Oil paint , is the paint that is used in fine arts(oil on canvas) and with what i need to solvate the paints.The guitar need to be sanded or i can swril on the painted body for example white body and I'm interested in finishing should i use lacquer or what?Please post or send a private message your work step by s
  14. Thanks man you helped me very much.Now i think that i can print with silk-screen printing technique on my guitar.I'm a student on fine art academy printmaking departmen and i'll talk with my professor in the university. And westhemann excuse me I'm new in this forum and i don't know how the things working.Once again please excuse me and thanks.
  15. It came up on my mind something else.I'm a student on fine arts academy printmaking departement.Can I make those drawings om my guitar's bosy with Screenprinting technique?
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