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  1. Located in CT, Both curly tops have been sold the rest is still up for grabs
  2. I'll give this until the weekend, no interest then its all going on ebay. Paypal only, all sales final, buyer pays shipping, PM if your interested. Purpleheart Blank good for fretboard - $25 DSC_0355 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0356 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr Ziricote Fretboard $25 DSC_0351 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0353 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr Curly Maple Top - $30 DSC_0342 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0343 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr Curly Maple w/ slight spalting $30 DSC_0336 by psychoticsnoman,DSC_0337 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr Spalted Maple - $30 DSC_0346 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0348 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr
  3. Shoot me a reasonable offer, i need this gone soon
  4. PM ME IF INTERESTED, i wont see replies in this thread
  5. Don't have the time/resources/energy to finish this build and my interests have changed so its up for grabs as a package deal. heres the specs my own single-cut design Northern White ash and Purple heart Body two strips of curly maple run up the center. I have a matching laminate for the headstock but, the seams have given way over time and are starting to separate, so i cant guarantee it will get there all together with shipping since its a fragile little laminate Hardware included Bartolini W68w5c-b 5 string pickup Bartolini w68w5c-t 5 string pickup Hipshot 5 string bridge (brass, .708 spacing,black,b-style) Hipshot ultralites 3x2 bass tuners (black 1/2 Y key) 3 black beveled knobs + 1 concentric beveled knob Schaller 5 string bass bridge w/ piezo wiring Some Wiring w/ pots that I believe were new when I started wiring this up I'm looking to get $500 out of this. This is a great Project for someone to take over, even if its just to carve the body up and slap a neck on. So many possibilities since nothing is routed yet. Paypal only, buyer responsible for shipping. first come first serve. Any questions welcome. DSC_0111 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0116 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0118 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0119 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0120 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0122 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0123 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0130 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr DSC_0131 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr
  6. this stuff needs to go now, package includes: file nut set - LMI Part # FNS fret file set LMI Part # FFS Jewelers saw LMI Part # SWF .18 jewelers saw blade LMI Part # SWPM4/0 .21 Jewelers saw blade LMI Part # SPM2/0 fender 25 and 25.5" fret scale template Stew Mac Part # 4916 Tang Nippers Stew Mac Part # 1649 Black tusq XL 1/4" slab Part # PT 4025-00 A couple more random nut slabs I found. 1lb of Fret Wire Syew Mac Part # 0150-lb (couple pieces used out of pack for 1 guitar) add it all up yourself guys this is worth over $300, i built one guitar and have since moved on. everything here is BRAND NEW. Price is firm. $150+shipping. Paypal only. first come first serve. PM ME IF INTERESTED,THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO CONTACT ME I WILL NOT SEE ANY RESPONSES TO THIS THREAD DSC_0088 by psychoticsnoman, on Flickr
  7. Any Serious inquiries please PM me, US only, Sales Final Dimarzio air norton S - $55 Bartolini W68w5c-b 5 string pickup - $80 Bartolini w68w5c-t 5 string pickup - $80 Hipshot 5 string bridge (brass, .708 spacing,black,b-style) - $100 Hipshot ultralites 3x2 bass tuners (black 1/2 Y key) - $100 3 black beveled knobs + 1 concentric beveled knob - $25 Black tusq XL 1/4 blank nut slab - $10 8 string guitar bridge (black, I think its hipshot) - $70 Kramer vanguard neck (new hot rod truss rob and new maple fretboard put on, needs radius + frets) - $100 Jackson RR3 EVH project that went bad - $250 body is rough I didnt bother buffing because the clear shrank and cracked and now its chipping off, Needs to be redone, or played as a beater. Comes with all hardware, all new pots,switch,and input jack, original chrome licensed FR, plus a black one i bought for the project, new black tuners, and all the other original part it came with. No pups for it or wiring. Original Ibanez s7420 pup neck i think, (brown lead) - $15 for both kahler fixed bridge thing - $50 Schaller 5 string bass bridge w/ piezo wiring - $25 Wood: Here is the link for my photos, If you see something you like PM for measurements/details, http://www.flickr.com/photos/67280434@N08/
  8. im in CT, what are you interested in?

  9. Sorry for the late reply, because of no PM, I didn't get a email, Im located in CT. What are you interested in ? EDIT - system says you aren't allowed PM conversations for some reason I just tried to send you one.
  10. OK so I have a bunch of tools for sale I have used very minimally, and by that i mean at most a dozen of times. Times changed and so has my career paths/hobby, I don't have the in depth time to devote to this craft any longer and i need the money to finish up school. so here is the list of what i have, I'll add some pictures in later tonight after I have some time to upload them, TOOLS Tang nipper - $45 Nut file set - $58 Fret file set - $58 jewelers adjustable saw - $16 extra blades for the jewelers saw -$7 table saw fret slotting blade - $68 fender fret scale template - $38 Graphtech XL black tusq nut - $10 Stew mac fret wire (highest/widest) - $35 Stew mac hot rod truss rods (x7) - $13 a piece Please do Not lowball me on prices everything listed is like brand New. I would love to sell everything as a package, Any interest send me a PM thats the fastest way to get in touch with me I also have a bunch of fretboards, body blanks, rough cut bodies and complete project necks i will post up in another thread once i go through them all and price them.
  11. Thanks alot guys, I'm going to checkout the jet/perfomax 16-32. If anyone else has had experience with these please chime in
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