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  1. Gonna sleep on it. Almost going to vote for menapia for that scarf
  2. Came down to demonx and andyt. Had to give it to demonx on the 'vote for the one you would play' logic. The burst on the back of the neck is really classy
  3. The flat head could be used to roast sausages Long screwdrivers, and long drill bits for that matter are really handy for setups and other final preparations. Nice find
  4. Yep, whatevers on sale. I can tell the difference between strings but not enough to justify paying any more than what's on special.
  5. I'm with Muzz. Love the monkey grip and non recessed floyed. But not the biggest fan of the headstock.
  6. #38DC and the Hell Cat are difficult to separate because they're very different guitars. Simplicity vs. Extravagance. I'm going to have to sleep on it.
  7. Ahhhh I love Horizons, and the Leviathon as well. The end product is nice. Excecuted really really well. I'm not sure if I'm keen on the shape although it looks comfortable. You're a very indecisive bloke
  8. Love the sticker on the tool box that says: GET FRESH, at a farmers market... Love the guitar too, how could anyone not?
  9. The middle picture looks like modern art Nice wood though.
  10. Reshaping around a defect can sometimes end up being really ace. Sometimes not. Since you've had two seperate tear outs, I'd step back and check your bits and your method. The last thing you want is another tear out. You could reshape it to be a suhr style headstock: Your one is also a pretty cool solution
  11. One of mine is a reverse headstock. It has a locking nut so I can't say about tension, but I find that tuning up (initially) is a lot more comfortable in regards to ergonomics. It also looks a lot less awkward and obvious, so when you tune up on stage you look that bit cooler
  12. Might want to scallop the board and use the tallest frets you can find...
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