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  1. Wayne Guitars was not formerly Charvel. They are two different companies.
  2. The channel switching JCM800s and any non RI amps built after that use diodes for clipping, so this includes the Silver Jubilees, JCM900s, and JCM2000s.
  3. The slugs 'conduct' the magnetic field, but aren't magnets themselves, not intrinsically. Ok, that's what I thought. Most likely drilling out the slugs will affect the tone then.
  4. I thought the bar magnet was the only magnetic part on a humbucker. The slugs are magnetic too?
  5. Has anyone heard from him lately? I sent a payment in May and lost contact in August... I've been emailing him since and have gotten no word back...
  6. I've decided to sell the Marshall and use the money to buy a Traynor Bassmaster, and mod that into a Plexi (or something gainier). So I'll probably make a thread for help on that, but I have a lot of info now as it is. Thanks for all the help everyone! I learn so much here
  7. I was actually looking into the Ceriatone products about a year ago. I got an MP-1 to run into the Marshall's effects return, so I didn't get anything from them. I then bought a Peavey Classic 60/60 to go with the MP-1, and now the Marshall's just sitting around... So I guess I've ended up right where I started I was looking into the Plexi 50 board, but I don't think that will have enough gain. I'm looking for something with similar gain to a Splawn, VHT, modified JCM800s that were big in the 80s, etc.
  8. So what would you recommend if I'd like to build a hot rodded JCM800 style amp? I have a Marshall Artist 3203 (SS pre, tube power) that I could use the transformers, filter caps, chassis, and head enclosure from.
  9. Yeah, I understand that. I meant I didn't want to add anything with MIDI into the head design. I want to make either a head or a rack preamp. Would it be possible to adapt this tube breakaway circuit to a 2204 preamp for more gain and a voicing similar to the MP-1? I like the sound of the MP-1, and I considered making a JCM800, but it won't be enough gain. If I could make a 2204 preamp modified to be closer to this MP-1 tube circuit, that would be ideal. I'll just ignore the SS parts of the MP-1 and focus on the tube board circuit. My goal isn't to copy the MP-1, but to make something with
  10. The schematic is for a modified ADA MP-1. It's a rackmount MIDI preamp with a PCB, and I want to use the same preamp circuit, but also add a power amp, and wire it up on a PTP board (no MIDI). So my question is how would I go about doing this?
  11. Greetings, I'm interested in developing a preamp circuit or modifying a Marshall circuit so that it is similar to one of the modified ADA MP-1 preamp circuits, that I can use in an amp head. The one I have in mind is the Mod 4: http://home.lehighone.com:8081/adadepot/mo...OD4_Mark_II.zip Basically what I want to do is create a version of this preamp that could be put on a PTP board, without any solid state components. So how would I go about adapting the schematic found in the link so it could be a new amp design? Thanks!
  12. I'm not sure if you've thought of this, or it may be too subtle for what you want, but where you pick makes a big difference. If you want a neck pickup sound, you can play closer to the neck, etc. By moving the picking location, I'm totally satisfied with the versitility of a single humbucker guitar.
  13. I don't have any footswitch or MIDI controller to change channels, and the Behringer seems like it was designed to be used for recording, so there is a couple seconds delay when switching presets. I guess I could wait until I can afford a MIDI controller, and make another patch on the MP-1.
  14. I was planning on using a Super Overdrive as a booster by maxing the level control and setting the drive to just over a boost, but a clean booster might be a better choice, since the main thing I want is a volume increase, and a little more gain to cut through the mix, but with any kind of boost I should get more gain out of the preamp. I really like the looks of this - http://timemachineboost.com/AboutGL.htm (a different version of this - http://timemachineboost.com/) but it's way out of my price range. Maybe if someone knows the basic design of that booster, or has a schematic, I could fin
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