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  1. I'm leaning towards a guitar with a humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the neck, but it's good to see it'll work either way. A piezo in the neck pocket can be used to give the driver the signal? I have one of these (http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Pickups:_Guitar,_Acoustic/Schatten_Soundboard_Transducer.html) lying around, could I use that?
  2. I'm back; I've been pretty busy lately. How's everything going?
  3. That's great news! I can't wait until you have a finalized product that we can use!
  4. That's the thinking behind direct mounting pickups, that the springs will absorb some of the energy, just to a lesser extent. I can think of any better way to mount it, other than springs, rubber tubing, or shims. Maybe brass tubing? That's not one size fits all anymore though.. I'll think about this some more.
  5. I don't really like the layout of that.. the switches seem to far away and the whammy bar could make the knob hard to get to. The knob will be the same height as the Strat controls, but it's behind the whammy bar and far from the strings. It's a good idea, but I'd rather have the controls mounted to a pickguard.
  6. The retro look does go well with guitars like Les Pauls, even on most guitars the look fits it. But an infinite sustain system isn't exactly retro... that look may be bit out of place. What is your idea for the Strat jack? This is the idea I get: Sorry about the bad graphics, I'm using Windows Paint. Is that what you have in mind? I was thinking that the knob could be titled up to get to it easier. It may not be the best angle, but it should work better than having it flat. Maybe someone can make a 3D drawing of your idea, it should be easy if they have the jack modeled out, they just
  7. Wow, that looks incredible. I'm going to need to get the logo on my pickgaurd if I don't use a box!
  8. All the pictures look great, both modeled and real! I can get the idea of what the real one looks like with the bad quality, and I'm getting real excited! Wow, that makes tons of sense.. I hadn't really thought of it like that. There are a few benefits to making the knob push on/push off though, but either way is great.
  9. You could use a smaller battery and make it rechargable. That would be better in a few ways because you don't have to spend money on new batteries, it takes up less space, etc. You could put the jack on the side away from the bridge. I'm not good with graphics, but this is what I mean:
  10. Those pictures are impressive. I don't really like the boxes that go behind the bridge, but I like this one a lot:
  11. As much as I think the box is a good idea, and I know I could get used to it, it doesn't seem natural me. I would strongly recommend also making a model that fits inside a control cavity when you have a final product. If you send it to a guitar maker, would they use the box also? If it's for something like that, ease of installation isn't an issue. I'd just prefer not having a box, and I'm sure lots of other people feel the same way, even though in a lot of cases, it's a good idea.
  12. Yeah, most of it seems to be them coming up with names and people complimeting it. All the pictures and videos were down. But we can use their ideas for names! Lulusustain!!
  13. Well, it's a message board, so there is a lot of slang that a translator can't translate, but it gives you a start. Go to http://babelfish.altavista.com/ and paste in the URL of that site in the Translate a Web Page input, and select it for Portugese to English. That should at least give you the main idea to get you started. He may not be willing to help: But it may have been patented by now.
  14. Whatever you decide to do with the box or tailpiece to make installation easier, you should do a permanent version that goes inside the control cavity. As much as I like the idea, I'd still rather have one that feels more permanent.
  15. Having lights like that would be quite nice. I like the idea of that more.
  16. How about using phantom power, and an XLR or 1/4" TRS jack?
  17. Yeah, I see what you mean. I didn't mean that specific one, I just meant one that has a similar switch toggle. But I can see how that could have some problems. I was thinking of using that as the momentary switch.
  18. I kind of got the impression that the mode you mentioned is similar to a note fading into a feedback harmonic, like when you face a loud amp. I don't know how they would do it otherwise... For people who always have the driver on, it might be nice to have a momentary switch for a gain/sustain boost, sort of like what you mentioned, but as a boost to turn up the sustain control instead of power to the driver. As for power, maybe it could run off phantom power? I know I'd like that. There are a lot of different control options you could offer. Personally, I'd want a switch like this, instead o
  19. Yeah, I'd agree about the effects. I guess it would make it more versatile with the built in effects, but I'd prefer to have the effects come from pedals, and they could turn away some people because it could get too complicated. Would a driver mounted under a pickguard be too far from the strings to be effective?
  20. I'm probably going to get a Strat style guitar with one bridge humbucker and a pickguard, so the mounting I'd want is the same as what you've done before. I don't mind very much where it goes as long as it works; next to the bridge would be cool.
  21. Looks and sounds good! It'll be great to see it completed. Do you need any input or anything from us? I wish I could help more with the technical stuff... I guess I could if I learned about sustainter technology more.
  22. Control Options Push pull pots could work, some could say they're inconvient, but for switching on and off a sustainer, I think it's pretty much the same as a dedicated switch. A pot that clicks off in the 0 position (not sure what it's called) could also combine on/off and gain/volume in one knob, and might be more convienient. I don't know if they have these pots designed for guitar (probably can find something close enough), but I'm talking about the pots they have on some cheap radios, computer speakers, etc. Using push pull pots or pots that click off and dual concentric pots, here's wha
  23. Would it be possible to put the sustainer in a pickup mounting ring? It would have to have a special mounting ring with the sustainer side higher up, but if the sustainer is small enough and the placement of the sustainer works there, it should work. Here is a diagram of what I mean:
  24. If I were smarter I could help you with the design. But all I can add is input
  25. If the sustainer fits between the neck pickup and the neck, there won't be room for it on a 24 fret guitar. If it isn't the same size/shape as a regular pickup, permanent installation will be harder on a non-custom guitar. If it is the same size as a regular pickup but looks different, people don't like it because it's not what they're used to. Also, with a sustainer some people like to have it hidden so others don't know how they have so much sustain.
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