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  1. Here you go Link Thanx! mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  2. I haven't been here for quite a while... The reason I come once in a few months is to chek the progress on this guitar (and another RG neck-through:))... All I can say - W O W ! ! ! Is there a blueprint in Download Section of this guitar? Anyway, man, congrats! mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  3. Yes, this is the problem... OK, thanks, guys, I'll solder this thing up and I'm of to rehersal... We'll see if it's done properly... mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  4. No, maybe I didn't put it right... The wire is not detached from the spring claw (it is soldered on the claw), but from some point on the pickguard, pot, switch... I dunno, I can't seem to find where it was by looking at it... mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  5. I wanted to disassemble my guitar (a 1991 Ibanez RG550 model, all-stock: original pickups, trem, switch, pots) to clean it up a bit, and my pickguard feel out with all wires connected to electronics on it... The thing is that a wire that is attached to trem springs part on the back of the guitar... it fell off and I don't know where should I solder it onto... please help, I need this thing working cause I have two practices for this weekend. Dumb question, but this is ground, isn't it...? Haven't checked this site in a while... Thanks in advance!!! mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  6. It's coming up nicely, but that's not RG550. Rg550 has pickguard, Edge trem and maple board... Keep up the good work! mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  7. Looks great. I really like it... mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  8. Alex, hi! It's been a while since my last post around here... I was really glad to see a PG member over @ Carvin forums. I'm from EU too, so I know that this price thing stinks, big time... I can get Legacy for around 900 euros, which is a little bit more (well, 200$ more or so, but what the hell...). I ditched V3 mainly because of that fizz that it has... I'm thinking about Legacy more and more, but ENGL came to my amp-range with the Powerball... Also, Framus Dragon seems like a great amp. They are all around 1500 euros, more or less... The newest ENGL is a 4 channel monster called Invader. They'll make it in 50, 100 and 150w version. This I gotta try!!! Anyway, sorry for the long-ish and kinda-off-topic post. BTW, man, that's a great CorelDRAW drawing. CorelDRAW is a great program, isn't it? Lately I've been using Pro | ENGINEER WildFire 2.0 for 3D solid modelling... I'd pick a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp mkII, but it's not on the list... mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  9. Man, that 7 string is beautiful. Excellent choice of finish. mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  10. Yeah, that is how I tried to do it... I mean, it worked, but wasn't the same... I guess I'll have to try the third octave harmonic as Gorecki suggested... And his FRED can make harmonics out of the baseball bat!!! Thanks!!! mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  11. David Gilmour is one of my favorite guitar players of all time. His calmness and sense for tone and melody is unequaled. Yeah, AND you gotta shorten the whammy bar to get that genuine Gilmour strat look and feel. Great work! Love the bricks... Pulse would be awsome, but rather difficult to acomplish, I think... I'm planning a Gilmour strat for myself for quite some time, but with a twist: instead of solid color, I'd hava a translucent red on alder, DG EMG set and Willkinson trem instead of vintage Fender 6-bolt type. Maple neck is mandatory... Sorry for the hijack... mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  12. You know that Satch's move when he gets that screaming harmonic with his both hands in the bridge pickup and whammy area? How does he do that? Any opinions? mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  13. Man, these pedals are really cheap! Whole line is between 22 and 45 Euros incl. VAT!!! I don't know... After reading this topic, I've got a whole new perpective on Behringer (and BOSS, too!). Now, you've got me thinkin'... V-Amp Pro is around 200 Euros, but if they didn't *make* it in the first place (just "borrowed" its tech), that's more than a fair price for a average-wallet-thicked guitar player. But, it is wrong to steal anything, even if there is a hole in the law that one might use. On the other side, policy of (literally) ripping off people with outrageous prices through decades (look at the current PC world market: every computer bought new should be priced at 50-100$ instead of 1000$, but let's not go in there... ) and dictating market is also VERY, VERY wrong (at least from an average consumer's point of view). UUMMMPFFFHGHHHH!!! 1....2....3.... Sorry for the aggro... As far as pedals go, I think I'll stick with tried and true stuff, like Dunlop wahs + BOSS and Ibanez pedals modded by aNaLoG.MaN and Robert Keeley. These modded pedals are a bit steep, but if you tried one of these... I'm sold. Then again, I would like to get my hands on Behringer's Virtualizer. Its price is 126 Euros incl. VAT. I mean, with a great amp and one or two modded pedals, digital-under-150-Euros-processor is a simply an embelishment, moderately applied, right? Well, in my book, at least. mullmuzzler | OSSMT
  14. Where are the pics?!?! mullmuzzler | OSSMT
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