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  1. LOL... I didn't actually give it more than a quick glance... Photoshop makes a lot more sense.
  2. Ok, so a lot of us know how much work making a neck like that is, plus all the other custom doo dads. It's hard to imagine going through all that only to make it look like another strat...
  3. I'm of the opinion just about any wood can be used for a neck... However, it's not just the species you need to be concerned with, it's the chunk of lumber itself. In other words, one piece of maple may be fine for a neck, yet another might not for numerous reasons, which I'm sure you're already familiar with. Santos rosewood can make a very nice neck, however keep an eye out for signs of it twisting. I've used lots of it, and this particular wood can be very testy. It's a sin to toss big beautiful pieces into the burn pile, yet sometimes it's prudent. I use pau ferro as the default fing
  4. You need to find a way to sand the glue faces parallel especially if you're planning to layer like the neck in the picture.
  5. Belt sander is good. Just use the right kind of belt and score a nice line with a scribe so you know where to stop.
  6. I've used table saw with soft metal carbide blade and removed just a little at a time from the plate side. Worked fine, but sort of dangerous. I'm fortunate enough to have a friend with a fancy machine shop and he had one of his people mill another block for me too. I'm like a bull in a china shop with a file so I'd ruled it out... LOL
  7. jessejames... glad you have this worked out. I hadn't had a chance to read this thread until now, but your solution is good IMHO. Especially since it worked! I didn't catch what bridge you were going to use, however with the heel being at 2-3/16" wide your back into the realm of "normal". It's actually a shame that a vendor would supply a template like that to an unsuspecting customer. I've had many customers over the years send me templates (thinking it would help) that were complete garbage. What pains me, it that they actually paid money for them! You were fortunate to have noticed the d
  8. Okay, so it's not "traditional" for the most part.... SoulMate Model 06 Burst Korina body and neck 5A quilt top Burst dye Schaller locking tuners Ebony fingerboard with abalone flame inlay (Custom Inlay did the inlay) DP 100 pickups (DiMarzio) Gotoh 510 bridge Set neck 25-1/2" scale -Doug -PS- I'm no photographer so the top does not have depth in the images like the real thing. I tried.
  9. Didnt you say in thye original post that the pickups were dimarzio air norton and tone zone?I already voted and don't really care but I'm curious as to what you actually used ← Ha!! Musta took my stupid pills that day! They are actually Loller on this one.
  10. The only thing not done 100% by me is the inlay. I have CI do that. I send them an image, they do the inlay. It's my idea though. The rest of the guitar is made from scratch by me. No CNC. I design and shape all my own templates then make the guitar. (Of course the electronics etc. are purchased). Pickups are Loller. -Doug
  11. It's intentional, yes. Wanted the rings to be the same size of course, yet place that first coil in the sweet spot. -Doug
  12. Here's a recent completed piece. Buckeye top, mahogany body, and some custom carved brass parts. Inlays are MOP. Schaller tuners, and a Gotoh bridge. Pickups are DiMarzio. Air Norton neck, and Tone Zone bridge. Thanks for looking... -Doug
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