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  1. Yeah good point. I've done all I can, its with a tech at the moment, i'll write back when it's finished.
  2. got the legacy body today....... neck pocket too narrow by a few MM, had to sand out. had to sand out the recesses where the neck joint screw ferrules sit. have to dowel and redrill my neck as the neck joint holes in the body don't match up at all. and the trem post holes are probably a mm too big in diamater.... "this body will fit any/all RG parts"... yep, when you do a body properly instead of smashing out 15 quick ones for e-bay purchases! any tips for the trem posts holes? i was thinking some mad expoxy or similar to cement those posts into the body. First coat of tun
  3. Cheers mate. I'm probably going to stick with sand/oil/steel wool etc for sure. have wood/black hardware firmly stuck in my brain. more progress pics to come when I have everything in the next few days and start putting together
  4. would you suggest tung oil? or with it kind of wreck the maple/purple heart?
  5. Yeah I emailed the seller of the floyd and he put me on to the winning nut . Some good news is the tracking number says the body has been posted and has left the US. Hope shes in good nick when it arrives. Haven't really posted anything since I'm waiting on all the parts still. Once the body is here I'll sand it out a bit more then lose sleep deciding what to do with it...oil? seal? some kind of translucent lacquer? who knows.
  6. Hey guys! Long time no post. My last post was yonks ago! But as I'm sure many of you find...the bug can come and go, and the bug has bitten me in the ass pretty hard this week. So I'm making a JEM! I'm rubbish at lead playing but sometimes you just have to really indulge your fantasies (legal, guitar related ones at least ). This thing along with my bands DIY release is gonna suck my dry financially but...this **** is so much fun! I haven't 'built' a guitar for about 5 years when I built an RG (cut the body) which met an ill fate with a cement floor. Lets hope this baby turns out a little
  7. Here's my Rainforesty RG! Wizard II Neck Poplay Body Snazzy Hand painted design on body & headstock Dimarzio Breed in the Bridge Plays like a dream More pics & info: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showt...d=1#post5695844
  8. I voted for WOMD, even though he pretty far in front anyway. No offence to the other guys, your guitars rocked and I would kill a small child to own one (or to posess the skills required to make one of such quality), but the WOMD is pretty crazy.
  9. [url="http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar_tremolos/1/Floyd_Rose_Locking_Tremolo_and_Parts.html"]http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailp..._and_Parts.html[/url] ^ You've probably already mentioned this, but as I'm rather n00bish as far as Floyds go, could someone tell me the routing dimensions to fit in one of these Schaller Floyd Rose Locking Tremolos. Thanks. EDIT: Never mind, i found it on warmoth.
  10. don't worry dude, I know what you mean. Stew, thanks for your kind words. Man, the more I see that green baby and the stew craft, the more tempted I am to make another guitar. I guess thats what it's all about, sharing your ideas, masterpieces, fortunes and misfourtunes with eacother. All the guitars look 'fully sik m8' (apparently, that means they all kick ass ). I'm digging that LP as well
  11. Thanks mate, unfourtunately due to time and money restrictions, my next guitar project won't be underway until next year. I can negotiate with my music teacher, so I'll be doing it as a school project. I'm thinking of making my own body, buying a 24 fret neck, and finishing the body with a rich red varnish. But meh, thats ages away yet. I basically want to make as many good guitars as I can before I have to pay for things like cars, rent, bills etc.
  12. Thanks. I'm suprised to have over one vote! I kinda feel unworthy against some of the guitars in here! Maidens and the Stew Craft especially.
  13. Hey guys, I would have just edited this into my entry post, however the edit function has been disabled! So heres my update, hopefully youz don't mind. I wired up an amber LED under the pickguard which sprays a 'halo of light' around the pickup. A pure gimmick, but it does look sexy as. This horrible picture does not do it justice! http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a309/neocon58/P1030654.jpg If the mods want the edit this into my post, they can feel free. Their choice. Andrew
  14. I get the feeling I'm going to receive about zero votes , but anyway, here it is. It's basically a replica of a Tom Delonge Strat, a sweet guitar which is was designed and played by Tom for several years, until Gibson handed him a stack of money to change allegence. This saw the birth of the Gibson TD-355 (which has the similar one pickup/one volume configuration), and the halt in production of the TD strats. I'm a fan of Blink 182 and The Offspring as well as other punk/pop-punk bands and heavier rock. I'm a Satch/Vai fanatic as well. I wanted to make a TD as it has a great heavy
  15. hey guys! watch out, i'm a newbie! my uncle has been playing for well over 30 yrs and has made several axes from scratch, and finishing them himself with car paint and clear coat. they don't look dodgy at all, infact, they look damn cool. theres no bubbles or imperfections. but yeah, like cyclone said. prep the body prior.
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