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  1. www.pololu.com is pretty good for that stuff.
  2. If you're looking for the best, buy Festool. If money is no issue that is.
  3. I'm gonna call it as tone voodoo. There is no way he's done any real testing to confirm what frequencies if any it removes. Fair play for setting up a fence 30 times to rout some chambers for a guitar, but you've got to be kidding me.
  4. Very provocative response, totally unnecessary and if you disagree with someone's viewpoints they are better ways to do it in order to stop it turning into a flamefest. I think you're looking for an argument. Put down the keyboard and take your stress out elsewhere.
  5. You mean this one? It's a nice design, but very close to this Manson guitar (Matt Bellamy from Muse).
  6. Just done that for you by the way, and the dimensions are: 19 9/32" - Length of body 13 5/64" - Width of body
  7. There is a dimension on that drawing you do know - the scale length. Put it in a CAD package like Google Sketch up, enlarge it so that the scale length is correct, and then you can measure off all the points you like. Firebird scale is 24.75" by the way.
  8. If I had to pick one topic that stands out for me, both in terms of how well the build is documented, how good a tutorial it is for newer builders, plus how well the end product turned out, my winner would be the first guitar that toddler68 posted. The thread is here: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=10213&st=0 Have a read and see what went on in that build - it was one of the first laminate neck construction builds I'd seen on here, and such class too!
  9. FYI, UK people who want an oscillating spindle sander: http://www.dm-tools.co.uk/product.php/section/7101/sn/DRA10773 - £122 http://www.dm-tools.co.uk/product.php/site/froogle/sn/WDSOS58 - £132
  10. Wow, those are actually amazing!! Do you have more of that in stock?
  11. Yeah, start a new one. And whatever you think you did wrong with that glue joint, do it again. If it lasts through your bathtub soak it must be a pretty good glue joint. Just for the record, a bath-tub soak is a terrible way to try and separate a glue joint. You're unlikely to get the joint hot enough, and you'll put way too much moisture into the rest of the wood. Even if you manage to separate the glue joint, chances are that when the neck dries out after sitting in the bath it'll warp. Use an iron with steam function on.
  12. If you don't want things to change shape, don't sand them. You don't want the fingerboard to change shape. This is like a car crash project. I feel like I should have some popcorn watching this. Have you thought about this at all?
  13. I don't mean to be rude, but you've bought some bad wood there. You can see knots in the sapele towards the end of the first piece of wood you've bought - that'll stop you getting the full two outside pieces for the neck first off. As for the second set of walnut bits, there's a reason they're on ebay at that price - and I know the seller you got them from, gibson craftwood. They're not an instrument wood seller, they aren't picking wood for guitar building. And those walnut pieces have horrendous knots in them, I don't want to think what that means in terms of grain direction or run-out, but I'd dismiss those out of hand. Buying wood from ebay for the first time builder is not something I'd recommend. Go to a reputable dealer, like David Dyke, Touchstone or even Craft Supplies. You might get lucky with those bits of wood, or you might get far into your project just to realise the wood's warped and undone all your hard work. It'll cost you more to buy from the dealers, but that's because you get what you pay for.
  14. I like, the modern twist on a tele is awesome in my opinion Only thing I'd change about it, is the back of the body, where you've modified the neck pocket to make it easier access, I'd have reshaped it a bit to blend the curve between the body above it and the heel portion beneath it - at the moment it just looks a little too much like it's still a "reshaped square section" rather that flowing as part of the body shape. Really really nice burl though, did you get that from Fraser Valley in Canada?
  15. Or you do one pass on the template and then another pass using the body to cut the ridge off. But yeah, I think the major american website does them in 1/4" because he knows most people will be making child templates to use in anger. I prefer it that way - saves me paying extra for shipping when I have 1/2" MDF/ply always laying round.
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