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  1. Geeee, this thread still going.... I thought i said i kinda gave up on the thought anyway....
  2. Hehe, maybe i should. Perry do i have your permission? Jusk kidding. Vuk,Gold Coast
  3. Thanks bowser! i'll give it a shot. And lovekraft, I'm really AM trying to let it go, I've sort of gave up anyway.This whole thing has it's pros and cons,it's just a matter of different people being opinionated.I dont see it THAT fraudulent coz it's for personal use, but some other people might find the whole act highly sinister.As for hostile replies- my deepest appologies to the people that i might have hurt in any way, but i AM new and constructive criticism would me more appreciated than personal attacks. Thank you everybody that HAS helped. Vuk, Gold Coast
  4. thanks litchfield! Your the man Wow...unreal!...I asked for help (with best intention may i add), and the whole thing turned into a big moral debate! Does this happen everytime you post a topic? I sure hope not. Ok, so i posted a topic in a wrong area...Jesus, somebody shoot me...I'm new here and i screwed up...My appologies to all...Specially JFC...As for being a "kid", well, I'm 23,not THAT young now am I? As for this guitar going on eBay-hey if you see it on eBay=I'll give it to you along with my house!!!!..like i said, It's nothing like that,It's purely for personal enjoyment! It mig
  5. Perry, I'm sorry but your an idiot, and i think a few of the people responding in this topic would say so too. Dude, I'm making a REPLICA...now you look up what that means. I've said it before and i'll say it again: I've asked for help not criticism. Thanks goes out to all the people that tried to help.
  6. Man it's nothing like that. I'm just a suffering lefty who really wants a JEM, so i got a left handed jem body( of a guy that used to work for Hoshino USA), and an Ibanez RG570 neck, EDGE tremolo, Evolution pickups etc., and i'm making a lefty Jem. since i want everything to be as the real Jem, I'm after the decal mentioned. As for telling Perry to "shut it" i appologise,but i asked for help not criticism, so please help me instead ridding me off. just wait 'till you see the photos of the axe
  7. That's a very nice set you've got there. Yeah i've checked "FleaBay",and there's one for $9.95 and $9.50 for postage,so i might go for that. I can't really let myself buy a $90 set since i paid about $90 for the tremolo.you know what i mean. Hey, thanks for all your help, your a legend Vuk from Australia
  8. Kevan, you were right, it is a 9mmx1.0, and that tap is so hard to find. I've been to 3 mechanics, and 2 engineers, and none of 'em hand that size tap. Any suggesitons? Cheers
  9. Thank you for you reply, very nice of you.Hey I even give you all the credit in the world, your the best guitar maker EVER. Now since you can't help, leave it to that,and let someone else do. Lovely Thanks mate
  10. Why isn't it the real thing? It's a Wizard ll neck that i'm using of my RG570, and what are Jem necks? Exactly. As for decieving people-everyone knows that Jem guitars don't come left handed(i Don't count jem555),so everyone WILL know that it's not real. By the way dont lecture me about these things, I asked nicely, so if you can help- then help, otherwise shut it. Peace Vuk from
  11. Have a look at this photo: http://au.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/vuk_bortn...c2f.jpg&.src=ph See mine is older style Trem arm holder, but i hope you're right that it's a 9mmx1.0 thread.I'll check it
  12. where would i find a little JEM logo(decal) as seen on Ibanez Jem guitars. I'm making a left hand Jem and already have the Ibanez decal, but everyone of the decal places said that the Jem logo is to small to cut. Anyone? Vuk from
  13. Well the thing is really small comparing to 10mmx1.25. 10x1.25 is like double the size of the thread on the trem arm holder. Darn...
  14. Well the tutorial is wrong cause tap size is NOT 10x1.25. Matter of fact it's not metric,fine or course! Even the guys in the hardware shop didn't know what it was. So does anyone know a way around this, so i can fit the trem arm holder in the new hole. It's for a Edge tremolo. Thanks guys,any suggestion is welcome. Vuk from
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