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  1. I had to go with the Rocket, it just reminds me so much of my current build I had to go for it. In the other category I went with Matt's violin. To be able to aspire to such skill, wow.
  2. Based on the votes from last month, this thing could be far from over. More than twice as many people voted last month as have voted so far this month. This could still be a race yet.
  3. I had to go for unclej's semi-hollow body. It just makes me want to go strive further on my semi-hollow build.
  4. Dammit you guys, don't you realize I have enough pressure with school without having to pick from among three of the best builders I've seen?
  5. I'm still upset with Perry for making me have to think Like last month I still couldn't decide so rather than do last month's coin flip, I tossed all my choices into a hat. My vote goes to mattia.
  6. It was a toss up between the Zipper and the Odd Boy. It literally came down to a coin toss.
  7. It does exist, but the metal flakes aren't anything particularly special. While waiting for my nitro to clear, my brother has asked me to paint his guitar for him. I'm using a light green w/metal flake from Canadian Tire -- MotoMaster Nearmatch auto paint. The flakes in the paint appear to be something akin to craft sparkles. I don't know if it's because of the metal flake in the paint, or if there is a larger spray nozzle needed to accomodate the flake but it is really easy to over spray and get massive drips.
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