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  1. Awesome! Thanks alot for the help! I normally use a rasp for carving aswell, so far so good! But i just wanna see how good that tool would be. Would i use a flat blade or a convex blade for carving my stomach contours/(SG Style) Bevels? Thanks
  2. I checked the pinned thread called "List Of Guitar Building Tools" but couldnt find anything. Can anyone tell me the name of this tool please?: I would like to get one to help shape my SG copy body. Thanks alot
  3. btw, i have selected the following two bits from amazon to buy: Bit #1 Bit #2 are they suitable for routing neck pockets, electronic cavities and pickup cavities etc? thanks!
  4. you my friend, are awesome! thanks for the advice, and for the links! much appreciated!!!
  5. Sorry for the ignorance, but am I right in assuming the 'shank' is the part of the bit that 'connects' with the router? If I’m correct, can a router take both 1/4" & 1/2" shanks, or can they only take one of the other? Anyway, what I was planning to do was to buy one of these bearings and put them on my router bit. http://www.infinitytools.co.uk/shop/131/133/index.htm So for example, I would buy this and use it with the 1/2" diameter bit that came with the router: http://www.infinitytools.co.uk/cgi-bin/tro...showprod_PBK109 Would that work? Or would I need to get a bit that a
  6. thanks alot for your help and insight dudes, i really appreciate it. would a 1/2" bit be alright for routing a humbucker cavity? i cant seem to find a 1/4" bearing bit.
  7. Hey I’m going to make a replacement body for my Ibanez RG321. The body will be in the shape of an RR and was going to be flat topped. However, I’ve decided to make the RR body with bevels now. I was just wondering what the best way to do this would be and what tools would be best for this? This is my first build and I’m scared of messing up Thanks!
  8. Im buying a router so that i can do clean cavities with templates. However, the router im getting doesnt come with very good bits (its really cheap). I was told a bearing router bit would make life easier when routing with templates. As im new to all this, i want to make everything as easy as possible. I managed to find this part online: (ITEM #: 6506) Template Router Bit I was just wondering if anyone knows whether or not that part is suitable for my needs. I hope to use the router to do the neck pockets, pickup cavities and electronic cavities on custom bodies. this is an exam
  9. i could understand why you would think im mad for attempting to make a guitar body without power tools. its like me thinking people are 'mad' for using MS Paint to edit photos when there are far superior and better suited programs like Adobe Photoshop available. the fact of the matter is that im a student with hardly any money and access only to my dad's garage tools. im not disputing the effectiveness of power tools, or suggesting that you're wrong for using them. im just making do with what i have. thanks alot to everyone who gave me helpful advice and didnt try to call me out!
  10. Hey I plan to make a replacement body for my Ibanez RG321. However, before I do so, I just want to check something. Now my question to you is this: What is the best way to tidy up the shaping of the Body? I plan to draw my shape on to the body blank with a Sharpie, and then roughly cut it out with a handsaw (this will leave me with a few cm/inches of excess wood around the body outline). Once I have the roughly cut shape, what is the best way to tidy it up? Do I use sandpaper? A plane? Rasps? Or perhaps something else? Just to clarify, what is the best way to get from this: To
  11. I bought a replacement ibanez body and it is made out of mahogany. Its all sanded and feels as smooth as silk. I want it dyed blood red with a non-gloss finish (similar to an rga), however i was just wondering whether its simple enough for me to do it myself. here are the things i would like to know before going ahead: 1) what do i have to do to the smooth, already sanded body in preparation for dyeing? do i have to apply any chemicals or fillers? 2) once the dye has been applied, what needs to go on afterwards? i dont want it glossy, so im guessing i dont need a poly clear coat. ca
  12. Hey I ordered a pickup today and I just want to get an idea as to what I will have to do when wiring it up. I want to wire it with the following configuration (single pickup guitar): Bridge Pickup > Volume Knob > Output Jack This is the wiring diagram supplied with the pickup: As you can see, it doesn’t say where to connect the different wires to. I have no idea where everything goes! This is my first passive pickup installation and so I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could help me out. If possible, I would really appreciate it if someone could draw on the diagram b
  13. hey man, thanks alot for that detailed reply. that cleared it up for me, i wasnt to sure, but know i understand. thanks bro
  14. Oh right, ok, thanks alot for your help. Btw, does any one know what heel-less means? Ive heard quite a few people refer to heel-less neck joints and what not and i would just like to know what that means. Can any one tell me what it means/is and can you give me an example or a picture? thanks alot
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