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  1. I meant it's bound on top and on the bottom, instead of just the top!
  2. I went for Setch... I've always been a sucker for doublecuts! AND for great looking undyed tops (though they can look really bad when done with less taste than this!). Only thing I didn't like is the fact it's double bound... For Doeringer: Well, you did a real great job, but that body shape just does not work for me... verhoevenc: Actually, the turcoise just put me off It sound really dumb but this GOTM will have been winned on stupid details like this! Scott French: Bah let the others win! It looks really good though (except for the color ) Anyways, all the entrys were reall
  3. I just had an idea... Would it be possible to make the driver a pickup, plain and simply by running it's output to the preamp you alredy have for the sustainer. Maybe it would sound good, who knows?
  4. Actually, I meant in between the middle and neck pickups on a 3 pickup guitar... (H/S/S or S/S/S)
  5. Would a standalone driver work mounted in between the neck and bridge pickups (with single coils)? That could help a lot with the compatibility problems
  6. Duncan does too, the phat cats i think they're called.
  7. What you're trying to do is some kinda phantom power?? I think that's a good idea, but i'd think the best thing to do is to find an amp that consumes less power...
  8. well the acoustic lost me on the soundhole... it's too big and weird to my taste... Just doesn't seem to fit in the whole guitar right
  9. Gotta say I went for the tele! That finish is amasing!!! Hitone classic was really a close 2nd though!!
  10. One of the hardest to vote GOTM in a while!!! I went for mattia, but man... The WOMD with it's rusted hardware ALMOST made me vote for it (though i didn't like most of the rest of it ) because it went SO well with the rest of the instrument! And that LP... Gratz xlr8, if it wasn't for it's color, i'd have voted for you (because of the choice of woods... 1 piece body and rosewood neck = <3 ) But really, mattia's inlays had me
  11. wow man!!! that's exremely cool... Out of curiosity, how much did that cost to make? and how much does the sustainer itself cost? You realise you could make a fortune with that?
  12. Disregard that! lol someone had the same idea as me... (double sustainer)
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