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  1. It pops just like any mechanical switch pops (ie like those nasty 'true bypass' pedals pop when you hit them on and off). You can try putting 1M resistors from the hot to ground to try and minimise the popping, also higher quality switches can help (don't know how good the switch you have is). S
  2. If you look in the preamp manual it has a wiring diagram for mono only operation in there S
  3. Pitch shifters that work on octave functions (ie up or down an octave) are fairly simple to achieve. Look for things like the MXR blue box, a couple of Dan Armstrong boxes (cant remember names off hand, but there's deffo an octave up one). Schematics for some of the older boss oxtavers are available from various places online. Anything further than straight octaves is a little more difficult. And to be honest, its probably cheaper to buy one of the behringer pitch shifters (they're not bad actually!). S
  4. There was a bloke on ebay who was selling them a while ago. I bought 4!! Had a look through my ebay history to find name, but cant find it sorry. But they do pop up from time to time on ebay. They're very similar (in size etc) to the ones WD music sell, cept with the spoke end. S
  5. SM57's in front of two 1x12 cabs. on the grill cloth about 4-5cm from the middle of the speaker, both into a M-Audio project mix. That or a Line 6 UX-1 if i'm feeling lazy S
  6. Just for your information, the copy in the downloads section is a DWG file, so its all to scale etc etc. Neck dimensions can be found on the ibanez website. S
  7. Awwwwww.... Help the guy out! Theres one in the download section if you donate to the project guitar site. S
  8. Dunloppy Jazz III's (red ones cous they're harder to loose ) S
  9. Hipshot hipshot hipshot.... Even if our friend Ed Roman does sell them as his own. Ahem. S
  10. I use cocobolo for all my fretboards. Mainly because its cheaper than indian rosewood where i get my wood from . But the amount of sheen ya can get off the stuff by sanding is amazing... Have had a few probs glueing it in the past.... any suggestions? S
  11. This is true! The other way of doing it is the mesa boogie style three jack system with a jack for whole cab mono operation and two jacks for stereo Biamping. Pretty easy to wire up, just wire the stereo jacks as you would, half the cab to each jack in series or parallel or whatever, then continue both stereo connections to the mono jack. Works well S
  12. switchcraft model 12A I'll post a diagram when i get round to it. S
  13. If you use switching jacks you can do it so you dont need the switch, and the cab will automatically switch to stereo if more than one jack is plugged in
  14. Cheers guys, I'll check them all out! I was looking at a hitachi one actually... think it was 240 quid. looked like something out of bloody star-trek! If anyone knows of any good deals going let me know S
  15. Hey guys! Been saving up for a new router for a while (well, i lie... two). I'm looking at getting a new 1/2" beast for the router table (fed up of the cheap POS in it at the mo) and a new little 1/4" for doing pickup cavities and hand work etc... The 1/4" is sorted and should arrive soon. But i was wondering what models people recommend for 1/2" ones? Bare in mind i'm in britain so need a 240v version!! Cheers! S
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