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  1. I’m going to attempt wood carving and hand painting.
  2. So I had some spare off cuts from other projects and decided to do a fun build. This is based off a bass made by Hembry Guitars. I made some adjustments to the size and shape and making a guitar. Here's a print out template. Template laid out on the blank Body cut out. I decided against the horn coming out of the head of the skull because I think it would have poked me in the stomach while playing it. Neck, bridge and pickup all routed out. Filling the grain and cracks with epoxy That's it for today. Let it dry and sand
  3. I couldn't be happier with the tone of this walnut. It's got some nice bright snappiness to it along with tight lows. Going from an LP style guitar to this, it is brighter but not so much that I have to EQ the heck out of my amp. I went through a few bridge pickups before settling on a Dimarzio Norton. It is a nice match. That being said, walnut is possibly not as forgiving in that respect whereas an alder or something neutral would work with a wider variety of pickups.
  4. I realized I never posted a finished pic of this one.
  5. Sealing the grain was quite the experience. The epoxy I used was way too thick and took forever to sand back and level. I ended up going back over the top with a couple passes of superglue. This is after a couple cans of lacquer spray.
  6. After another long cold Chicago winter I'm on to finishing this. First coat of epoxy to seal the grain
  7. Need a little more light sanding, but looks ok to me. Also noticed the small ding in the cover I'll sand out.
  8. Blob of wood putty I stained brown. Let this dry then sand it level.
  9. That thought had crossed my mind. If my patch job doesn't look good, I'll probably go that route.
  10. Went with neck bolt ferrules instead of a neck plate, but now the squared off neck pocket doesn't look right. I think I'm going to round it out. Should look better.
  11. Output jack hole drilled. Recessed the cavity cover. Had a router slip and took a gouge out. I'll need to patch this up with some brown stained wood putty : (
  12. Got the neck pickup cavity done. Almost finished the bridge before I had to stop for the evening.
  13. Routed out the control cavity. Using a scrap piece of walnut for a cavity cover. Drilled holes for the controls. I still need to recess the cavity to fit the cover.
  14. Nice flame! As far as body wood, limba is a favorite and if it's got some nice curl, even better. What's your neck wood going to be? Ziricote would be more unique than ebony or rosewood. For color, Tiger's Eye looks best on flame.
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