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  1. the mahogany is a great deal i agree i was referring to the hardware on the site being overpriced. Adam
  2. even with the discount your price seem a little high compared to warmoth or lmii. Adam
  3. im horrible at wood working i have designed seversal pretty cool looking guitars though in photo shop and autocad. Everyone laughs the sharpie worked fine at looks fine, it was cheap and involved little work. as long as its not hazardous im fine with it. it never hurts to try something new. Adam
  4. the sharpie cover fine looks like paint actually, my question is will it interact with the org finish and become hazardous Adam
  5. Hi Would anyone in the ny area be interested in working with me to produce a few of my designs? thanks, Adam
  6. hi i have a guitar neck that was finished by warmoth unfortunately the headstock colloor is a hideous orange. is it safe to paint over it( will it damage the orginal finish or interact with it at all and become harfmful?) i was thinking of using a permanent black sharpy marker would this be ok thanks, Adam
  7. hi thanks all. the guitar is actually mostly wired i just have to connect the ground wire and out wires both of which we cut so im actuall just putting the wires back together. So the tone/ sound wont suffer using the caps for those wires? thanks, Adam
  8. I recently had eye surgery so im trying to avoid soldering,i was was woldering if i could just twist the wires together and use the caps electricians use, since all im doing really is cconnecting 2 wires together which were cut, Would this hurt the tone at all? here is a picture of the caps im talking about. thanks, Adam
  9. hi i have a martshal mg100dfx combo amp, which sucks, the electrics are shady, the speaker works fine though and is detachanble like a guitar cable. My question is could i buy an amp head and use the marshal cabinent with it, just the speaker the electronics were removed? thanks, Adam
  10. hi want to wire 2 humbuckers to a 3 way blade switch with just a volume pot. i found the diagram pictured below, inorder to do what i wanaa do would i just eliminate the tone pot in the diagram? basically do i just wire the pickups to the switch like in the diagram and then just use a standard volume pot wiring? thanks, Adam
  11. hi i have a les paul dounle cut body with a 25.5 scale, the bridge pickup cavity is already routed in the correct position. My question is if i wanted to add a neck position pickup cavity how far should the the 2 cavities be spaced apart? thanks, Adam
  12. i really want to see a finished product of this body.....
  13. all the connections are on the bottom lugs correct with the 4 pole 5 way switch? thanks, Adam
  14. thanks i really appreciate it. the switch is a 5 way 4 pole correct? Adam
  15. 60 would be ideal if some one could draw that into something i can read, like rubber314 did. thanks, Adam
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