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  1. CA cures when oxygen is removed.. you can leave the lid off of it and it'll keep the gunk from forming on the top. With the lid on, you're creating just the type of situation CA likes to harden. I had a tiny bottle and kept it like this for a long time. I figured it would evaporate but it didn't. I forget where I heard that tip but it works. Lid off, upright, in a safe place and it'll last you a long time.
  2. it's not good to breathe the epoxy fumes at all. definitely have goo dventilation. 2 reasons for the epoxy, 1 you get a glass smooth fill over the grain and grooves that is clear and 2. you get a very hard surface which in turn makes the KTM9 more durable as you don't have the soft wood underneath allowing the finish to give way. The word i've heard is the KTM9 stays soft, even though they say otherwise. I have emailed Mike Doolin and he doesn't use it anymore. Switch to 2-part poly. When he did use it he laid the epoxy on thick underneath. Said it was a beautiful finish but not durab
  3. Its not even on their website yet. I just saw it in the store. Has a picture of evergreens on the front of it. Anyway, the store owner said they coated their worktable in the back with it, is a deep mirror gloss and they count change on it, set boxes on it, etc.. and it hasn't scratched yet. About 25 bucks a quart. I'm going to get a pint and spray with it but I thought i'd ask if anyone else had messed with it yet.
  4. lol thanks guys. My son has a birthday on the 22nd so i pretty much step aside and let him take the spotlight. My other son has the same birthday as my wife, so she loses her birthday too..
  5. one thing at a time dude Never did any binding before so I stuck to the body for now. Other issue is I did a fender style neck and the binding can't follow the whole neck profile.. you have to stop it at the interface curve.. just keeping this one plain and simple. As to status.. I just moved took a job in nashville and had to leave my family in east tennessee.. I haven't gotten set up here yet but I am getting hooked up with some good woodshops to let me have some shop time and getting my own space set up where I staying, to do all my non-power stuff and my spraying. Thanks for the i
  6. Thanks Org.. i'll definitely check that out. Just got here yesterday and getting my office set up today.. Next week i'll drive around looking for lumber
  7. that's me.. it's an interesting concept but a tight LP style joint would hold with 2 bolts too and wouldn't wiggle in the least. I think it was just so they could patent something. it's a good PR move..
  8. well in fairness.. who do you fight? if it's a mess that ebay made, the logic would be to use ebay to correct it but they are a moving target and you can't talk to a human.. so the other option is to roll up your sleeves and jump in the gutter with Kirn.. pull some of his auctions and make his life miserable. It appears that anyone can do it so just use a new acct.. and with the first one sene d him an email telling him to lay the hell off or you'll pull as many of his auctions as you need to to make your point. He keeps copy in his auctions saying that he started the whole template c
  9. you wouldn't be able to do an exact copy, but the general idea is just having 45 degree angles to the sides of the neck heel to focus pressure on the bottom and make it not twist out. that being said, i would think you could route your neck pocket out with a 45 deg chamfer bit.. and once the neck heel is profiled, treat it's edge with the same chamfer and you have a fit.the diameter of those bits would make more of a U shaped hole though and the end of your neck would have to look the same with the fretboard extending past to hide the shape.
  10. here is the link to weber's site.. L-Pad design and calculator Plug in your amps specs and this will show you exactly what kind of resistors to buy. The wattage is more of a maximum thing.. you can go overkill on wattage. The resistance factor is crucial to get that as close as possible to the calculated spec. The THD hotplates are awesome but for a 15 watter I would say it's overkill. nice to have a variable attenuation but honestly you can do that to with this, just replace one of the resistors with a rheostat that meets the requirements. The rheostats aren't cheap, you'll drop 50
  11. well add to the 6 dollar pile of elec parts a bypass switch and you're good to go. mount it inside your cabinet where you can reach it and you can switch between half and full. the attenuator I built is in a little box and my speaker out (1/4 jack) goes into one side, and the other side is a 1/4" to speaker clip connection. the box just sits inline between the output jack and the speaker. adding a switch would be a piece of cake. can't build a tremolo the l-pad circuit is about as advanced as I get lol..
  12. where can i get thread inserts and machine screws that will work with an electric? ← woodcraft, rockler, those types of places. the PRS bolton is just a neck that is about an inch and a half or so thick at the heel so it actuall rides under the neck humbucker. Doesn't have to except eht PRS has such a low cut horn for easy access there is no room for the heel otherwise.
  13. many people don't realize that 15 watts of tube is in no way comparable to 15 watts of solid state. my 15 watter will make your ears bleed if cranked up unattenuated. I have been in this same situation and I would say that you have 3 options. 1) buy or build an attenuator 2) retube specifically for lower volume breakup 3) buy a multi-attenuated amp such as the carr mercury series (this is a seriously awesome sounding amp with .5, 1, 2, 5 and 15 i think.. that's approximate though.. it's a switchable attenuator that just cuts at different ratios.) I play a fender pro jr and i
  14. where the hell have I been. it's about time. This whole thing was bogus anyway. Think what you want about PRS but i can honestly say that I have never picked up a PRS in a store that didn't play like a dream. I can scarcely remember the last les paul i picked up that didn't play like a complete POS. That kind of quality deserves to sell their product, and let the market decide which one is better.
  15. I'd just VeRo this guy. I have read all of Ebay's VeRo information and all you have to do to join is go through the process once via fax. All of the policies state that Ebay attempts to ensure it is not misused and they investigate if it seems abusive but all that is assuming that anyone is actually monitoring the VeRo cases. in some other forums some folks said private lawsuits are the only way to get the person with the complaint to stop. Sounds like they put the process in motion and intended for it to be a self-monitoring system. I'd fight fire with fire and pull an auction or tw
  16. maybe i'm late in this convo.. but why can't you just use the same thing against him.. get his auctions cancelled and say look dips**t.. you stop and i'll stop..
  17. yeah his stuff is awesome. I was using some of his Limba creations as inspiration for my limba tele project.. doing a black burst/high gloss over the limba grain.. some gorgeous stuff. Thorn has a full CNC setup though.. not that it diminishes the impressiveness of his designs.. but those sun inlays, top contours, and such are much easier to do when you gots a couple hundred grand worth of equipment to cut it out for ya...
  18. no way.. there's no one you can get on the phone at ebay to combat that? there has to be some recourse or conflict resolution. When all is said and done he'd better have his account suspended for using it to cause trouble and pester other people.
  19. I'd send that list to the AVI guys when you contact them.. One thing I saw this weekend was a dbx product.. the DriveRack.. takes the place of several of those items.. These guys are sharp. Even if they couldn't cut huge discounts they might be able to tell you how to get more for your money with a nicer setup.
  20. uhh.. i wouldn't want what makes it to the stores.. much less what goes in the dumpster I'd like to try some of their new montana factory guitars though..
  21. The point being exactly what you said.. You can't relate.. so why post at all. When times like this happen, people of faith turn to their church family for support and to God for strength to handle it all. If folks choose not to live that way, or don't understand, that's their business but you have to at least ACCEPT that to a lot of people, the church is the only thing that will help them through this. The church today is vastly different from the church 10-15 years ago.. PA systems and projection systems have become an integral part of worship. I've seen several posts in the katrina
  22. the company i was talking about is www.avintegrity.com check their site out and feel free to contact them. I don't know them from a hole in the wall, just know of them so my name will mean nothing to them.. but you might get some help, or at least some really good advice.
  23. yeah that might possibly the tele capital of the world. lots of 5 string elec mandos that look like teles come out of nashville too..
  24. Music stores are strange. There's nothing magical about being able to buy stuff wholesale. I have a resellers license. That's how i get all my guitar parts so cheap. However, I can't just call up allen & heath and buy a board, I have to be a dealer which requires minimums, exclusivity agreements, sale price restrictions, etc.. so there may be other forces at work here. You could have even gotten some hostility because you are representing a church.. don't forget one of the stages of grief is anger and in times like these many people are angry at God or scoff at people who would wo
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