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  1. Yep, enough parts to build three full guitars with necks and bodies. Some stuff is name brand, some stuff has a brand name but isn't synonomous with great quality, and some stuff has a name you probably never heard before that came from China.
  2. Some crap someone might be interested in: Black Rob Zombie shirt Brand new, still with tags black shirt with a skull and the Fender logo Comic books, I got them to cover a guitar, but never got around to actually doing it. I was planning on a Spawn guitar. I have several issues of Spawn, specifically number 8. Also, some other cheaper/less known comics. I thought about doing a collage of them all, or using one for practice before the Spawn guitar Enough strat parts to build three full guitars (A Spawn Strat?)
  3. Sorry for the delay. All the CDs are used with some scratches. All of them have been scanned with some disk diagnostic thing and came back with no read errors. The cases have seen better days, though. All the artwork/booklets/inserts are included. If you want to see pictures of any of them, let me know. I am from Ohio, USA. Also, I do have Static X - Wisconsin Death Trip. It's stamped Promotional on the front cover. $5. I will start PMing everyone who said they wanted some CDs tonight.
  4. Aerosmith Nine Lives $0.50 Anthrax Attack Of The Killer B's $3.00 Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys (Us Release) $0.50 Beethoven Beethoven At Bedtime $2.00 Butthole Surfers Electriclarryland $0.50 Cake Fashion Nugget (Explicit) $5.00 Chumbawamba Tubthumper $0.25 Cowboy Mouth Are You With Me? $1.00 Dope Felons And Revolutionaries $1.00 Eve 6 Eve 6 $0.50 Flotsam & Jetsam Drift $2.00 Haydn Symphonies 45,94,101 Istropolitana/Wordsworth $0.50 L.L. Cool J All World (Greatest Hits) $4.00 Phen
  5. Does the $60 for the BC Rich include the cavity cover and neck plate?
  6. Yeah, I actually have some of that, but I am looking for something that is 1/8" thick. That is 1/40".
  7. Anyone interested in a Charvel by Jackson neck or body? The body is a black strat style.
  8. I almost got one some time ago, but didn't have the money back then. I do play a 7 string, but I hardly use low B anymore. It's still on my list of possible acoustics.
  9. I am looking for a thin piece of maple for a top on my new project. It really don't have to be maple, I guess. It's going to be painted, but it needs to be around 1/8". Anyone got anything?
  10. I am looking for an acoustic guitar, but something a bit different. I am not a big acoustic player. I am thinking something like the Stratacoustic or Kramer Ferrington. I am going to use it for a couple of songs with my band, and we are metal. I am thinking about the Warlock acoustic, but it's a bit expensive.
  11. The acoustic case went is about to go with the acoustic/electric guitar for $125.
  12. The Flody is licensed. The case is a thick padded gig bag with plenty of pockets. I'll take a picture of it and the strats soon.
  13. More Stuff Sold: Hardware Case $35 Mixer Case $55 Jeweled Metal Guitar Case $75 AKG D112 $35 EMG 81 $30 Sale Pending: Les Paul Body, pickups, switch, pickguard and TOM Cymbal stands and clamps All the pickup covers Washburn 7 string I have two strats, one blue and one white, and a flat top Les Paul. Also an acoustic guitar case and a Floyd Rose. With the pending sales, I have more than I needed to make, so the other crap will only be for sale until the sales are final. If you are interested in anything, make an offer.
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