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  1. I can't express how happy I am with these pickups. I also finally got some EMGs in my les paul. They sound pretty crazy. I can't believe how hot they are. I think I may have a kill switch installed. Even with the volume all the way down on my guitar, it puts out a little clean sound.
  2. I will find copper shielding and see if that helps. It's not really that bad of a hum but it's the typical noise you hear unless you rest your hand on the bridge. BTW: does anybody know if you can replace the pickup covers with "generic" covers or are they glued in there and stuff? I can find this out myself but I don't want to waste a set of fresh strings.
  3. I just got some installed and I do still hear some noise. Its no where near as much as my other pickups were. I would say the difference between 60% idle noise versus 10%. I was just wondering if this is normal and if I could fix the last bit of hum. Could I put some copper shielding in there or something? link to pickups. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fen...-Set?sku=301632
  4. I was ready to follow the diagram exactly. I was unprepared because the guy in the store told me "everything you need is in this box" so I thought this would be a simple way to learn since it came with everything, but he was wrong or he lied. I did buy the pickups before stripping the guitar. I didn't notice until I started putting the EMGs in the rings that I was short about 3 wires from the diagram. Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions. I didn't get to learn any electronics in high school at all. Nothing.
  5. I won't be soldering alone. I will at least have guidance there. Which wire should I be ordering on stew mac? I don't want to order the wrong one. That's what my question is. Are all wires the same? Do I need more than 1 type of wire?
  6. So I finally got EMGs for my Epiphone Les Paul. I took out all of the butchered korean electronics out of the guitar. The guitar had nothing left in it. So I get this "Zakk Wylde" set because it supposedly comes with extra stuff than just buying each pick up alone. I was told in the store "this box has everything you need to install the pickups." so I open the box up and the first thing I notice is that the guy behind the counter was simply wrong. It didn't have a new switch. It didn't have a lot of wire either. I happen to have a new switch because the original made-in-korea one broke
  7. If you got that guitar from Molson, you should send them a link to that video with the Molson logo on there somewhere. I bet they would get a kick out of it.
  8. They're like explorers mated with that Paul Stanley guitar. /jealous http://www.washburn.com/products/electrics/maya/index.aspx
  9. Really that much? Maybe I'll just sit on it until I get older with some more money to invest.
  10. As you can see my new LED mod for my guitar is completely customizable. Simply aim the leds at whatever part of your guitar you wish to emphasize! It also features an incredible low profile. Install this on your guitar and have the audience wondering why you stood out from the rest of the band! When you're done ripping mad solos, with a simply button push the LEDs power down, saving you cash! Infact this product EARNS you money!
  11. I could see doing it in plaster. the playdough is too soft to get detail without screwing it up. I should make a guitar cake
  12. LOL... thats a good idea. I have alot spare that I could dye.
  13. I have a drawing of my headstock design on the computer. I liked it but I was still unsure about it, how it would translate to the real thing. So I whipped up a batch of play-dough yesterday and got to work a few minutes ago. It doesn't have very good ratios, but the shape is correct. The idea of the shape comes across really well. So I decided to stick with the shape and will use it if I ever make this guitar. Sometimes it's just easier to see a 3d thing, not a 2d plan of one. I could get cad software but I'd rather stick with photoshop. I plan on trying some ideas for a new body shape
  14. I have a process to make a photo appear on metal that I've never seen anybody do before. I don't have a machine, just steps. The thing that bothers me is that I use a certain product in order for it to work, there is something in it to make the chemical process work. Without knowing what's in there, is it possible to patent this? Is it possible to patent this?
  15. Would a copper pick guard interfere with the pickups on a Les Paul? Just a standard shape, screwed down in the usual place.
  16. You should post a picture of an actual painting you have done. So far all I see are photos with filters applied to them.
  17. Well I can save it as a gif, which makes a 200k file. (remember this thing is huge!) anyways, I could really use the help with figuring out how to do the angle of a neckthru. When you look at the file it will be strange but you can see what step im on, which is the side view. For example if you zoom in you can see I planned out the location of the bridge exactly, even down to the strings hehe. My major questions are How do I figure out the angle of the neck? I'm confused on this part, I'm not totally brand new to the topic. This is the book I have: Make Your Own Electric Guitar
  18. I've been planing on making an explorer for so long now. I have the template almost done! Would anybody be willing to look it over to see if I'm totally wrong or if everything looks good? This is very detailed, it's a very large file. It's like 300 dpi 1to1 scale. I think this winter my father and I may actually make one.
  19. The guitar is a standard, well taken care of washburn acoustic. I was thinking of writing on the top or maybe on the back, not on the pick guard.
  20. I'm feeling like I want to draw with some sort of marker on my acoustic. I've searched and it seems like I should use a paint pen and seal it. Paint pens are easy to come by, but I'm not sure what sealer to use. I assume I must use some sort of spray can for the best finish. The thing is that I also don't want to ruin my guitar. How can I test this without using the guitar? What surface is ideal to test on?
  21. Im in way over my head :-( When they arrive in the mail I will continue to ask more questions or see if I can find a local guy to do it.
  22. The reason I want a kill switch is because I hate having to silence one pickup and use the switch as a one. What I would like is the LP switch in its usualy place, doing its usual job, but the other 4 knob locations to be like Switch, switch knob knob (I forgot to mention, im not going to use the tone knobs. I hate them.) You can have a kill switch to the battery AND mute the guitar at the same time? That would be neat, would it cause problems (such as crackles and stuff) when you switch it? I really would like to prevent any crackles and stuff. If you think that doing a batt
  23. I never had physics, I spent most of my days in rooms that had things like oil paints and stuff like that in them. I've never had any electronics classes ever. :-(
  24. My brother gave me his Epiphone Les Paul. I want to replace the pickups on it. I want to go EMGs. I think I will get an 81 & 60. Now heres where I have some questions. Pot lengths. Do I need to get extended length pots for the body of the Les Paul? If so what type of pot? Arent you supposed to use a lower value one like 50k or something? Kill Switches. I want a kill switch. Its just my personal need to have something to instantly mute the guitar. How would I go about wiring one in there? Also is it possible to install a switch that will disconnect the battery so I can leave it
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