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  1. Like what if you put an EMG 85 or a 60 in the bridge?I heard some metal guitarist does this, but im not sure which one. Just wondering what kinda results that would put out.
  2. Im building a guitar with an EMG in it and I plan on doing 2 batteries. Its nice to hear someone praise it. I wasn't sure it would really make much of a difference.
  3. My epiphone les paul switch broke in half. I ordered a new one from stewmac and now I'm confused a little. I think I got it but I want to make sure. Its funny how we can be such an expert one something and then on other things you don't have a clue. Can someone tell me if this is right?
  4. Ok thanks ill look into that. Its a little over my head but I usualy figure stuff out after I put the effort into doing unhealthy amounts of research at 3am. (why do I do this?!?!) My plan right now is to have a kill switch, 1 volume knob and a 3 way pickup selector. Sounds like you think its not going to degrade the sound quality of the pickup doing this.
  5. I want to mix passive and active pickups. The EMG website recommends installing their PA2 preamp to match the actives. Has anyone done this? Does this produce poor results or is this generally ok to do?
  6. I actually have done this. I'm particulary fond of the Virtual-T (DP411), also kinda like the sound of the Seymour Duncan STR-2. But these are passive pickups. Does anybody have any experience with mixing active/passive?
  7. You know all was going well in the design of this here guitar im working on and you know it struck me. I'm not totally in love with the humbuckers I've played in the neck position. I don't know what it is but they just don't quite speak to me there. I love them in the bridge. I was playing around with my strat and you know the neck pickup just sounded interesting. I found myself wanting to get that tone just as much as I the bridge tone. So I think to myself "Myself, why don't you consider putting a single coil pickup in the guitar you're making? Actually, Myself, have you ever even played
  8. I have top-down drawing of my guitar done. I'm starting on the side but there are some things im trying to figure out. I've seen this thread, and understand it, but I have some questions that it doesn't seem to directly address. http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=14036 1. How do I determine the string height compared to a nut and frets? How tall should the nut be? 2. How tall is a TOM? I plan on putting in Nashville TOM that matches the 12" radius fretboard I plan on ordering aswell. Like I said, I understand the basic idea of the diagram, but how do I figure o
  9. I'm getting closer and closer to starting the build my guitar. I have read that necks are often 22 frets or less because the 24th fret is a great octave area for the pick up. With 24 frets you loose that placement, and what cost to sound? I gotta say, I want the 24 frets because I personally think its cool to have a two octave guitar. Do I use them often? Well no because I dont own a 24 fret guitar. I know there are many guitars out there that have pickups placed next to the 24th fret. But is there a real sound gain from having it placed at the octave? It must be valued because you still th
  10. so just pick one of the 2s and use either one (not both)?
  11. From what I understand basicly all guitars need them, no matter how designed. Theres a debate here with this. I think that you need to put one in otherwise in X years the neck could bend out. He thinks that the reason for building a neckthrough would be to eliminate the need for the truss rod. So whats the deal?
  12. Ok I got them in the mail. I'm a little uncertain about how to wire them. When you look at the bottom of them, you see this: * 1 3 * * 2 2 * Where * is where you connect. I'm actualyl kinda confused as to how to wire these. Now what I want to do is the following: 2 volumes, 3 way selector, kill switch (doesn't have to remove power, just a quick silence thing) How would I connect these in relation to how I would connect a normal pot?
  13. Look at the EMG website. I see this on their pick up descriptions: Options Available: Black, White, or Ivory cover cap. I have NEVER seen emgs sold as anything but black. So I guess I have never seen plain white ones either. Anybody ever seen these for sale anywhere? Quick links 81 http://www.emginc.com/displayproducts.asp?...ar&categoryid=6 60 http://www.emginc.com/displayproducts.asp?...6&catalogid=173
  14. Thanks for your help jnewman. I ordered 4 of them this afternoon. I will likely only use 2 though. I cant find myself cutting the treble off of my guitar.
  15. Digi-key chat-based customer service: So is this the right product? http://www.cascadesurplus.com/catalog/prod...products_id/113
  16. This is my first post. I have been reading this forum for a bit to find answers when I needed them. Now I need some input on an idea. I want to make a slide for a volume control, not a turn pot. I don't think this would be complicated, but maybe it is. This guitar build will be using EMG pickups. I have never used them before, and want to try them. So granted that I have no experience working with them, is there anything that will change because of these active pick ups? First let me say any ideas are welcome. My goal is to have 2 sliders. One for each pickup. I'm not a huge fan of
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