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  1. Thanks for the answers. I might just paint it a colour that would look good with the crome.
  2. Yeah but wouldn't this peice be flat on the bottom. See thats my problem while ibanez used a horseshoe stye the guitar still has an arch to it and so does the horseshoe they fitted it with. I would use a regular holllow bodies bigsby but that would mean I would have to fill holes where screws used to be and drill hole were screws weren't in the first place.
  3. I could never find bigsby stuff on allparts. WD has quite a few though. The bridge I am refering to is the tunomatic.
  4. Sweet thanks. This should help with the bigsby. I found a bridge in gold on WD. thanks. The plating wouldn't chip away eays would it??
  5. Its an Ibanez. The bridge I might beable to get, but the bigsby peice they don't make in that style anymore. They discontinued my model shortly after I got it and that bigsby peice went with it. Ibanez Artcore is the line it falls under.
  6. This is going to sound really cheap but that is not the cae. I am in the motions of stripping an repainting a guitar but with the new paint job I think it would looked better with gold hardware insted of crome. I can't find the same hardware in gold though so is there anyway I can just change the colour of my crome hardware??
  7. ok first of all how bad will stipping the paint upset the wood on my guitar. Second if the damge to my wood won't be fatel then how do I go about stipping the neck with damaging the fret board.
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