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  1. bill jehle, a member of the site builds heaps. if you do a searh on jehle you should find a lot of info abour cigar bax guitars. here is a link to bills site as well. cheers darren
  2. wsc sell them, don't know about the quality though? wsc website cheers darren
  3. hi guys please forgive me if i'm wrong, but if the neck is a 24.75 scale neck, and the body is a 24.75 scale body, then it doesn't matter how many frets are on the neck, the bridge will be in the same position fo a 24.75 scale neck with 24 frets, 22 frets, 21 frets or 30 frets. the 12th fret is in the same position if the necks are the same scale length. again, i could be completely wrong on this, but i don't see a problem at all (or am i missing the problem??) cheers darren edit: sorry just realised that the issue would arise with the neck pocket (i'll just take my foot out of
  4. having not yet built a guitar, but do have quite a bit of woodwork experience, i'd imagine you'd just use a template to rout out the depth that you need for your plate first (you could rout the entire area to this depth first if you like), and then use a forstner bit to remove the bulk of the cavity and clean up with a router. cheers darren
  5. i love old choppers. i'm currently in the middle of building one. it's a '72 honda k2 750/4. i have pretty much all of the parts, etc, i just need time, and a bit of money to finish it. i have some holidays booked in for july, so hopefully will get most of it done then. cheers darren
  6. hey prostheta where did you find this info, was it put onto the net yesterday (ie: 1 April) cheers darren
  7. how about angie - rolling stones hard luck woman - kiss lightning crashes - live i recently heard an acoustic version of creep by radiohead. its off their pablo honey album, sounded great. really though, do they have to be specifically acoustic? there are so many songs you could adapt just listen to a few unplugged albums, you could turn any song acoustic. cheers darren
  8. hi guys my wife gave me a homebrew setup for the very first christmas we had together (back in 1990), and it basically sat in the garage for the last 18 years until about three months ago. besides having to replace a few rubber seals which had obviously perished over this time, everthing else was in good shape. being a novice, i used a kit rather than mashing my own wort (which i hope to do eventually). i brewed a pale ale for my wife and an apple cider for myself (i'm not much of a beer drinker, i generally prefer bourbon). the beer was bottled in mid october, and the cider in e
  9. quite honestly, when i saw the template at the start of the thread i was totally hating it. but seeing it in the flesh (so to speak) i am loving this build. can't wait to see the finished product. workmanship is spot on too! cheers darren
  10. perry i'd relocate tomorrow for this opportunity!! cheers darren
  11. i really love the overall vibe of this guitar. the retroness (is that a word?) is really cool. i agree with Xanthas about the pickups, but if you are definately going with a pickguard, you could always use the old swimming pool route method to reposition them. the only other thing i'm not keen on are the controls all in a straight line, i think it could have flowed better if they followed the body lines, but hey, it's your guitar. anyway, don't take my opinions as a criticism of your design, because i love the shape (i may even steal it for my first build! ) keep up the good work,
  12. why not just redrill the holes to the size of your larger dowels?? cheers darren
  13. hey greg have you seen this stuff? don't know if has much strength, but it would be able to be pulled down and stored if you need to remove it. cheers darren
  14. try this link. pdf form, will print to full size. cheers darren
  15. ralph could you please pm me with a price for shipping a set of the generators to me. cheers darren
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