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  1. Hi, I would just like to say I appreciate the input from all you guys and gals, that delve into this thing called luthery. It has become quite the "hobby" for me. I am a newbie to the forum, and have only made six guitars, since I started over a year ago, but I have made every thing that went on them, except the tuners, the bridges, the tailpieces, and the strings. I have made the bodies, both hollow(semi-hollow) and solid. I am into alternate types of wood, as are available in my area, such as wild cherry, bald cypress, white oak, hickory, white and black gum, ect. My question to you'll, is
  2. Here's how I do it. I drill a 1/4 inch hole straight down into the center of the knob, from the bottom up, then I drill a 5/32 hole in the side of the knob, countersink this hole, and use a 1/2 in. #4 s.s. screw cut off to the length I need. Hope this helps.
  3. I have tried several set-ups for cutting binding ledges, and am having trouble.can you tell me if a good rabbiting set , with several bearings, could be used to do this. What is used when there were no routers? Any help would be appreciated.
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