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  1. ok so my FB came in today and i got to work Mesured the center of the FB And on the other side http://www.shantergenian.com/stufff/new_prgress/DSCN0332.jpg More measuring. i needed this perfectttt http://www.shantergenian.com/stufff/new_prgress/DSCN0333.jpg 17 clamps might be overkill http://www.shantergenian.com/stufff/new_prgress/DSCN0336.jpg OMG I LOVE IT!! http://www.shantergenian.com/stufff/new_prgress/DSCN0339.jpg the neck has a nice smooth upbow http://www.shantergenian.com/stufff/new_pr...0341%20copy.jpg propped on my crap-amp http://www.shantergenian.com/
  2. hm...thats great, thanks. we should get a list of all these unknown to all websites. i could have probably save a bunch of $$.
  3. i did think of using another type of wood, but i didnt have anything on hand...and i couldnt sleep knowing that this problem would go unfixed. ill make a laminate neck next time. now im just waiting for my new FB. im at work now so im hoping someone is home to recieve it.
  4. that looks great! are you going for a satin finish? would you mind going into detail about your experience with krylon?? im trying to figure out what type of paint to use for my project so im open to any suggestions.
  5. wow, that fretboard is.....phew...damn...nice.
  6. Back from the Dead!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so ive been working on this as much as i possibly can. I wished to finish it before school began, but o well. anyways, i was getting down to the end where i would finally join the neck and body but sorta hit a speedbump on the way. things were going great, i carved a volute on the guitar and i loved it. http://www.shantergenian.com/stufff/new_prgress/DSCN0225.jpg then i attatched the fretboard and got ready to shape that down to the size of the neck. i had previously routed the mahogony down to the correct width and i was going to simply use
  7. WOW THANKS! its exactly the same switch, you actually reccomended it to me. only one more question (hopefully) do i solder the ground wire to the switch's metal casing aswell? it seems like you drew it like that in the pics, but i just wanna make sure.
  8. ok ansil. heres what i got out of your post. now, im not sure, is the ground the three [black] terminals in the center of the swtich or would i have to connect it to somewhere else i.e. brdge, copper sheilding.. no idea what you mean with this... "hook middle of pot to pickup hot one side ground one side output this keeps it nice and pretty old gibson style."
  9. what type of finish u palnning on? aluminum is a bitch to paint
  10. 1. take off the knob 2. tighten the little nut underneath 3. thats it.
  11. thegarehanman directed me to the site and the switch, so it would be cool if he could chime in.
  12. Ok, so im sort of close to the wiring stage of my guitar and i need to know if this wiring set-up is possible so i can make the necessary routes and holes in the guitar. I bought the EMG ZW and because it comes with all the wiring pre-soldered its sort of confusing as to how i should wire this all together. I bought a rotary pickup selector HERE and now im confused as to how im going to wire it up. I also bought THIS from stew-mac which also makes me unsure. heres what im looking to do. pos 1 - kill switch pos 2 - neck pos 3 - bridge/neck pos 4 - bridge if anyone can he
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