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  1. Me likes it 2! : ) But that top looks that it would give splinters But that's the guitar I'd like to have. Want to see more progress! -Juze aka Ghroath
  2. Thath 6th string at tailpiece confuses me. Why is it put like thath? -Juze aka Ghroath
  3. Woot! 3 string bass?! (I know it's gonna be 5-stringer) But clean and nice work. Love the headstock shape too! -Juze aka Ghroath
  4. I think, it looks like a pregnant lady's tummy. Round like a ball -Juze aka Ghroath
  5. OT: Well I know that Prostheta's wife Nina is suomalainen. (How can I have that good name-memory? : O) -Juze aka Ghroath
  6. Well, I expressed myself not so clearly. But now I'm going to glue the wings to my neck-through blank, because I finally have some long enough clamps. -Juze aka Ghroath
  7. Holy crap that is sexy But those intonation screws look screwed up. (Yea I know they're not right ones) -Juze aka Ghroath
  8. Actually I've done "much" progress on this, but I'm kinda slacker type of person, so haven't updated this... Today I used spokeshave first time in my life. And I love it. I made tummy carve (Deep like in strato) and I think it came out nice. I have fretboard blank "raw-tapered" and slotted. I', not sure when I'm going to glue it in. I mean if I should carve the neck before or after gluing the FB on... I got 4 (8mmx80mmx550mm) fretboard blanks for free from my dad Actually I already did one fretboard and inlaid it, but somehow mistakely it was too narrow, so I just got pissed off and I snappe
  9. Woah! That's one classy SC. I mostly don't like Singlecuts, but that looks like one I'd like Also I like its thickness, how much is it? But yeah, keep up the good work! -Juze aka Ghroath
  10. Prostheta, that is effin cool! Maybe I'll build same kind of device, have some legos from over the years. Finally some usage for 'em. : ) That is what I call creative. -Juze aka Ghroath
  11. Yea the bottom needs to be smoothed. I did it with a drill press with a forstner bit -Juze aka Ghroath
  12. Ok. Got some work done on friday and took the neck blank and treble-side wing to home from school. I routed the trussrod slot but I didn't route it all the way to the end (nut end). Made the control cavity. It looks horrible, but that's why I've cover for it. The recess for the cover has not been done yet and the cover is not fully ready, just some raw outlines. SO, pics! (Some pics are blurry and s**t) I'm almost ashamed to show pics if compared to most builds here. Frontal pic The line between the laminates. (Looks almost like a pencil line) Cavity without cover. Cavity with c
  13. Nice work Jari, here fellow Suomalainen(Finnish for you non-finnish speakers)! : ) Top on that LP is cool, even that it's just planed. I have my own 7 string RG-style build going on, but I haven't wrote so much about it on the build thread and put no pictures actually. : ( -Juze aka Ghroath
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