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  1. I just wanted to ya'lls input on where I should go for a good set of feeler gauges to help me set up a few acoustics. I like the looks of the ones that Stu mac sells....but not the price so much... So I'm open to suggestions for alternatives. Thanks! Blue
  2. Damn!!! I missed out on this one...if you do this again please let me know. Cheers, Blue
  3. I just checked UPS and mine has arrived...can't wait to get home from work and check it out!! Blue
  4. Thanks for the links...looks like some good info. here are a couple of pics to illustrate my situation: Over all shot...nice looking eh? Fretboard dip: Neck angle: Center seam split: Thanks for all the advice! Blue
  5. Howdy all!!! So I'm just starting down the slippery slope of getting into guitar repair and have purchased a couple of old Harmony's to work on first. One of them is a nice Soveriegn 1203...but it has some issues. The center seam on the top has seperated a little and there is a considerable dip at the end of the fretboard...in front of the sound hole. Fairly typically Dryness damage right? I guess I'm wondering if these "older" guitars ever stabilioze to the point where humidity is no longer a huge issue....I'm hopping that a couloe of days in a "humidity chamber" will do some good....I'll keep you updated. Cheers, Blue
  6. Thanks for these pointers...I'm just starting to put together a basic shop and this looks like a good way to get a vice that I thought was out of my price range....looks like it has dropped about 5 bucks too! Cheers....this is my first post and I'm finding a ton of great tips and info! Blue
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