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  1. Pickup will be just a basic humbucker with a volume/tone combo. I kept it simple for ease of building. If it works I may do a more elaborate round 2. Chrome would be awesome BUT in order to get something chromed the parts need to be near mirror finished to look decent. Im going to try to get a good finish before powder coating but its not detrimental. There is so many nooks and crannys its going to be a job in itself to get it presentable.
  2. The thought crossed my mind, im thinking it may mess with the symmetry of the body. Black shrink tube will become obscured and lost in the body. Ill entertain both options though.
  3. Yep, I'm thinking about just shrink tubing the wiring and electronics connections. Industrial, yet classy.
  4. Together in one piece, now for the neck.
  5. So would this be a solid body guitar? Semi hollow? Hollow? Air?
  6. I don't partake in the tap tone school of thought unfortunately. The Idea that you can tap a pice of wood and then change its form, attach some stuff to it, then expect it to respond to the same frequencies is lost on me. Just for fun, it rings like a bell, fwiw, I dont know what it's natural resonant frequency will be, but im sure it will be apparent when its together and playable. Im just worried about the extra metal affecting the current in the coil. Im leaning toward some sympathetic vibrations being read by the coil creating a chorous or vocal effect. But its pure speculation.
  7. Not sure yet. The bridge, backbone and neck mount is stronger than a hardwood body is. Im not sure how the cage will respond to vibration.
  8. Just mocked up together, but its taking shape.
  9. Its on my list of things i want to try, but i cant figure out how to do steel frets. You could bend them to the right radius but as soon as they are welded in they would warp. They would need to be pressed into something. A project for another time.
  10. Nothing fancy, ash or maple. Dark fretboard. Rosewood or cocobolo perhaps.
  11. Made a little progress, i need to machine the flats for the neck and bridge. The process of welding the plate put a lttle warp to it. Nothing big, the mill will fix it right up
  12. Hi, im not new but I havent done anything guitar related since 2007ish. This was on my bucket list so I figured I may as well give it a go. When its done it will be a solid bar with the "body" welded in a cage format.
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