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  1. You should give a listen to my friend Felix. I suspect Wally would like him. Here is a link:
  2. Why not cut the pot shaft to the length you want it?
  3. Is it a new batch of fretwork? They may have sent the wrong one or changed the specifications. Also you may be able to use pliers to flatten the tang a bit.
  4. I am pretty sure these bamboo boards use some kind of epoxy type resin to hold them together. I don't know how much of an open pore it will have which is important to a wood glue. I would do some test joints before trying a guitar.
  5. Former geologist here. Obsidian in not crystalline. It is the nature of the silica bond that allows for such a sharp and fairly durable edge.
  6. Probably better moved to the electronic area of the tech chats. I would suggest getting a continuity meter and tracing the wires.
  7. I knapped flints for a flint lock at one time. Not nearly as precise work as an arrowhead nut less you have to take care of the shards.
  8. Nice, FYI Mandolin family instruments usually have the dot at the tenth rather than the ninth fret.
  9. Phone camera is a great idea. Thanks Biaman
  10. Being back on the forum, and up in Vermont with a garage instead of in an apartment in Brooklyn, has given me the build urge again. I am considering a lap steel for a first go at it. I have mentioned that most of my tools were stolen about four years ago. A friend gave me some tools including a pretty nice scroll saw which worked at the time. I went to fire it up today and it appears to be frozen. Any thoughts on how best to proceed would be appreciated. My usual approach is take things apart and put them back together and curse a lot when I lose parts or it still doesn't work.
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