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  1. Former geologist here. Obsidian in not crystalline. It is the nature of the silica bond that allows for such a sharp and fairly durable edge.
  2. Probably better moved to the electronic area of the tech chats. I would suggest getting a continuity meter and tracing the wires.
  3. I knapped flints for a flint lock at one time. Not nearly as precise work as an arrowhead nut less you have to take care of the shards.
  4. Nice, FYI Mandolin family instruments usually have the dot at the tenth rather than the ninth fret.
  5. Phone camera is a great idea. Thanks Biaman
  6. Being back on the forum, and up in Vermont with a garage instead of in an apartment in Brooklyn, has given me the build urge again. I am considering a lap steel for a first go at it. I have mentioned that most of my tools were stolen about four years ago. A friend gave me some tools including a pretty nice scroll saw which worked at the time. I went to fire it up today and it appears to be frozen. Any thoughts on how best to proceed would be appreciated. My usual approach is take things apart and put them back together and curse a lot when I lose parts or it still doesn't work.
  7. Congratulations. A good win against some stiff cometition.
  8. I would like to. My um life circumstances have changed a bit and most of my tools were stolen about five years ago. I have been thinking about an electric mandolin because of the small size that could be done with hand tools. My big, but very slow project has been restoring a 1920's aluminum upright bass.
  9. I play a bit of mandolin so I am sure I will enjoy watching this build.
  10. Nice. since you are dabbling on the edges of mandolin world, you should take a look at F style mandolin scrolls if you want to see tight curls.
  11. These are so remarkable. The design is so much not my cup of tea but they are so gorgeous. . My tastes have changed to where anything that is that well crafted just gets me.
  12. Well crowned frets also makes a difference.
  13. If you go to the forums at mandolincafe.com you will find a decent number of people have built these. Did you ask if he was going to use Greek or Irish tuning?
  14. Very pretty designs. What is the function of the rosewood circle behind the sound-hole?
  15. Nicely done. I would still keep an eye out for problems. My understanding is the vinyl off-gasses are what cause the problem.
  16. The construction appears to be close to that of a bowl back mandolin without the cant in the top. I would suggest asking at The Mandolin Cafe https://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/ Good group of people.
  17. Have you considered splitting it into quarters and then sawing it? Should be easier.
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