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  1. Damn.. that show is usually a bust. Had I known someone from this forum would be there I would've gone.
  2. I let mine freeze over the winter and now it's a big hunk of rubber.
  3. I understand what the scale length is and all that good stuff. But I'm stumped on the relationship between scale length and neck length. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on a guitar with a 25.5" scale, fret spacing will always be the same on every other guitar with a 25.5" scale, right? So if A guitar is 25.5" scale with 22 frets, and B guitar is 25.5" scale with 22 frets, the necks will be identical in length from nut to heel, correct? So one could assume that their is a direct mathematical relation between scale length, number of frets, and overall neck length. Am I within reason or completely o
  4. It sounds like the noise the Tripods make in War of the Worlds.
  5. Cool, awesome responses. Just to clear things up I'm not in this for money nor am I looking to sell anything anytime soon. I was just curious about when people were good enough luthiers to sell an instrument to the consumer.
  6. No I'm not asking when I should but when you personally started selling.
  7. Wow sweet work. Didn't think I'd have a turn out like that. I'd love to get into handle making but I'm not too sure about the steel and what not.
  8. Well it's a bit out there but there are a lot of knife enthusiasts. I'm very new to the hobby but love it so far. Wondering if anyone has any sort of collection? Or if anyone has anything to do with the outdoors? Maybe not, but you guys should check out some of these custom blades some of these guys are making. Pretty crazy.
  9. That guitar is incredible! You should post more of your work.
  10. I'm not seeing any pictures my man. Welcome to the forums though.
  11. Cool headstock. I like that. How are those pickups and exactly what price are they?
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