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  1. Hello all! And sorry for leaving you all high and dry for so long. I just wanted to get back on here and update this thread really quick with the life altering news that I will be resuming work on this project starting tomorrow! Ive been at my current job for a while now and I feel I have achieved sufficient seniority to feel eligible to use the facilities after hours to build more guitars. Also, I wanted to ensure that this thread remained active since appearently these all have an expiriation date once nobody posts anything for a while. (My Tabar Zin thread got deleted. Im going to finish
  2. You don't legally "need" a business plan. However, you don't need to wear a cup to play in a baseball game either but we've all seen how that one works out. Write a business plan. After a few months, when your head starts spinning, break out your business plan, read it outloud and it'll put things back into perspective. You'll understand what that means in a few months. Good Luck. This was more in reference to the license than the plan... I dont even know how to go about writing a business plan or what that is! I just want to build guitars. The main reason for selling them is to be able bui
  3. I love how this topic became an outlet to quote motivational cliches. All very valid advice though! Thank you all. If anyone has any specific advice as to how to go about building a guitar business from scratch beyond what has already been shared id be extremely eager to hear that as well.
  4. Solid advice RAD. Coming from one of the most admirable builders I know on this forum, Ill definitely take it to heart. I know what you're saying about the market being flooded, which is why I thought it might be a good approach to make bodies and necks and sell them as a "kit". Currently, the only bodies and necks for sale I've come across are licensed classic styles: Strats and Teles mostly, with the occasional SG or Les Paul, etc. I want to offer the user something that can't be found at a typical guitar shop without having to commission a high dollar custom builder. Unique body styles
  5. Hello all, Its been a while since I've made my presence known here, but I have been around. I lost the ability to build for some time due to not having access to tools, workspace, etc. But Im back in action and hoping to hone and use my acquired skills to make the world a better place. Ha! I really want to start making and selling custom designed guitar bodies and necks finished or otherwise, and the occasional complete guitar, but I am not really sure what would be the best avenue to take, or how to get my name out there. I am a professional vehicle designer by trade and work full time
  6. Rest assured, I have not forgotten about this thread and as soon as I get a chance, I'll be updating with more progress. I want to look into silk screening the top before clear rather than printing a vinyl sticker or something like that, but that is still far away so just be patient. Up the Irons!!!
  7. Sorry to be a disappointment to everyone, but I haven't touched this project since I last posted. In fact the half routed bodies are sitting in storage along with the unshaped necks... I have been Uber busy as of late and having just finished school in Dec and starting a new job I just haven't had a spare minute to devote to this. Unfortunately now I no longer have access to the shop at school so anything I have to do now will have to happen on the porch of my new apartment. That meant power tools are out probably. I'd like to get back on this and my other projects Once things settle down a bi
  8. Sorry if I came off defensive. You can understand why I might have assumed you were attacking me given our "history". I appreciate it all the same. I've been taught not only how to look at all aspects of design with a critical eye, but also to defend my designs when others do the same to my work. I see what you mean though. I'll have to go back and check those links with an open mind and see what goodies I can take away from them. Thanks man.
  9. I had a chance to get a pro photo session with the 7 yesterday... Here are the results:
  10. As always, thanks for your concern and advice. The links you posted are pretty cool, tho I fail to see the relevance of the two patents you included as they are about as similar to my guitar as a bolt-on SG is to a Strat IMO. As far as "using EMG's logo and brand name with no permission", I got in contact with EMG prior to selecting pickups in hopes that they would "sponsor" my education by donating a set of pups and notified them I would be "branding" my project as an EMG, so they are aware of it and have no qualms. Unfortunately, and as expected, they weren't able to help out any. On
  11. i think EMG could do so - all the evidence they need to prove it belongs to them is in the photo I would take that as a compliment then sue tier pants off! I've got enough eye witnesses as school who are heavy players in the design industry that would back me up.
  12. Haha! There's a good possibility of that happening, though i will be in Minneapolis. Thanks for the compliment.
  13. And a few more: Unfortunately, all of the process pics of the finish were lost when my phone was stolen last week. But the result turned out quite nice I think. It could use some finish wet sanding to remove a couple of little dust particles that found there way into the spray booth, and the fretboard needs a bit more love. Ill be working on that shortly.
  14. Its been a long while since I posted anything on here. At least it seams to me that way. I finally finished school last Saturday so I have some time to spend doing "leisure" activities for a few weeks. Anyway, I finally finished the guitar for my senior show... I didnt ever end up getting in contact with a rep from HR Giger so I went with a simple solid gloss black finish. Im not completely satisfied with it just yet but its to a point where I can call it complete. The EMG-HZ7 pups really suck, but they do their job for the moment. I didnt get a chance to work out the trick wiring, so its not
  15. I dont mind the carve at all. The uniformity across the bass side makes it look quite nice and unique at the same time. I agree that a veneer of dark material between the top and back would have produced and even nicer result, but big deal. To Johns point tho, would carving a matching contour to the treble side and transitioning it thru the rear of the body take too much material away? maintaining a nice two-tone edge all the way around could very well iron out some of the awkwardness you may feel it has? (tho I dont feel it needs it) P.S. I am dissapointed the the gorilla no longer shows t
  16. Very true. Bent, of which bender is a variant, has two distinct meanings. The older meaning is corrupt - a policeman who takes bribes is a bent copper. Or the phrase "as bent as a nine bob note" - which is the exact equivalent as "queer as a $3 bill". The newer meaning is synonymous with fa***t in the US - purely derogatory, and has never been reclaimed by the gay community in the same way that gay and queer have been. Thats good to know. Woulndt make much sense to make a gay vehicle that offended people! I have actually decided to change the brand to Polaris, the company I interne
  17. Im doing my Senior Thesis at school this term and its a design for a side by side AWD (4 wheels) Dualsport track vehicle for Aprilia. (Italian motorcycle brand for those who dont know) Its kind of an on-road/off-road answer the KTM X-Bow using a performance inspired hybrid powertrain (1000cc motorcycle mid/rear engine in the rear coupled with an electric motor up front). Im trying to come up with a kick-@$$ Italian name for the project that doesnt sound like I came up with an English word or phrase and used an online translator to make it into Italian. I speak Spanish so I have a very roug
  18. Tho its not really my taste, the ingenuity and craftsmanship of E.R.O won my vote. However, the Dimple came in a close second! Great work everyone this month!
  19. Do we think it would be what? If you mean "worth it" or something along those lines Id say definately! How could it possibly hurt? Really beautiful work man! So whats next?
  20. Wez, I just had another look at your last post. I must have been sleepy when I initially responded, because I didnt get the full meaning of what you were proposing. As an answer to future development of this product your idea sounds very feasible and frankly is a perfect fix for my original problem. That being the ability to offer different pickup configurations without having to alter the standard control setup. For use with 2 pickup configurations I would simply delete on of the mini toggles, and ignore the #3 contacts. I like it a lot, and I can see it being done by creating a module for b
  21. I love that so many have taken an interest in this project. It will truly need some innovation to get the electronics to work properly. I currently have the pups wired directly to the output, which actually works fine for me at the moment, but the guitar is still in primer. School starts on Tuesday so I want to get cracking on this right away as I will be graduating this semester. I really wanted to cast the clear body and display both of them at my grad show, but after the chaos of last semester, im not sure im up to it... Ill see what I can get done in the first few weeks, but after that I r
  22. Thanks Tom, thats what I figured as well. Its seems to be the logical solution anyway, so I wired it accordingly. Unfortunately the issue still isnt resolved so Im guessing the problem lies in the connection to the selector switch, or the mysterious hanging white and black wires from the pickups. As far as I can tell the only difference between passive EMGs and other passives pickups is that the EMGs have a "quick connect" cable so its easier to replace the pickup itself without having to mess with the wiring again (assuming your switching to a different set of passive EMGs that is) and that 2
  23. I take the lack of responses to mean one of two things: Either no one has a clue how to help me, or nobody cares enough even acknowledge that they have noticed my post at all. Im banking on the first one as people have always been very helpful on this forum and I expect that if any of you had any clue what I need to do, you wouldnt hesitate to offer help. But, at the risk of sounding redundant, I really would appreciate any advice whatsoever regarding any of this so that I can finally put this project to bed. I have no doubt that many of you have had experience using one or more of these co
  24. I like that idea better, only problem with that is: as I pointed out earlier, the top of the core is not quite flush with the top of the body. I would have to either compensate for this gap by A. adding riser pads like the felt strap button gaskets im currently using, which creates a gap between the bottom of the core and the surface of the cavity making a connection like the one you described no good, or B. deal with the tops not being flush and try to "fill" in the gap with a decorative "plate" or something over the top of the core. This second option doesnt seem like such a bad idea conside
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