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  1. +1 I agree. What you have appears to be very high quality, professional looking work, but the hard edges around the sides of the volute make it seem a bit unfinished and maybe slightly less comfortable to play. But everyone has their preference I guess. Impressive work man!
  2. I left a question for you on your ZR conversion thread which seems pretty dead so I doubt you will go back to look at it. But just in case you do: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=41022&st=15&p=437886entry437886 Thanx man

  3. A really simple way to provide easier access to the upper registers would be approaching it like Herman Li's signature Ibanez EGEN guitar. He simply used the traditional S series body and wizard neck, put some black paint on his palm and played the upper fets. Where the paint rubbed off was shaved away and repeated until it no longer obstructed his playing. You could do this with whichever body design you wanted and it would always match your playing perfectly. Ibanez EGEN video
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