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  1. I dig the red one, but maybe without the zebra pups...
  2. Thanks BigJim! I havent completely decided on how Im doing the graphics just yet. Most likely I will print it out on vinyl and glue it on after primer, then shoot black on the back and transition the burst, then clear. Originally I was thinking canvas, but the surface is so coarse and the image wouldn't be quite so crisp. KpCrash: \m/ Another possibility is do the colour base coat on the body, print out the graphic on water slide membrane and slide it on, then some clear over the top That actually sounds like it could work better... I dont have much experience using water slide t
  3. Good thinking. Rockler replaced the bit no problem. Ill see when I get back to working on that body. Big time crunch right now with everything else goin on...
  4. Thanks BigJim! I havent completely decided on how Im doing the graphics just yet. Most likely I will print it out on vinyl and glue it on after primer, then shoot black on the back and transition the burst, then clear. Originally I was thinking canvas, but the surface is so coarse and the image wouldn't be quite so crisp. KpCrash: \m/
  5. HAHAHA! I couldnt help myself! Well, it satarted out as a gorilla... honest.
  6. Dude, I didnt relize it until now, but I totally ripped off your HS design! Sorry man, it was completely unintentional. Mike kept telling me that I was using your HS, but I just wrote him off in denial, until I took a minute to actually go back ant look at your builds. I always thought yours looked like it was derived from a PRS with a more aggressive upper spike area. I thought I was being clever taking the Ibanez reverse 6-in-line HS shape and converting it into a 3+3 (4+3 in the case of my 7) with a little added agression to the point. Turnes out yours and mine are pretty much the same, wi
  7. The build is looking nice. Sucks about the router bit incident. I wouldn't give up on that body...it can be patched. I had a similar incident when building my ash thinline. If you didn't know that it happened, you would never pick it out. On the inlays, I would use a small flat file that fits between the fret slots and work parallel to them...across the fretboard. That way if you do alter things a hair, it won't affect the fret slots and should maintain the compound radius. Peace, Mark Cool! Thanks! Thats next on the agenda. Got a bit more done today with this one. Got the pick guard
  8. Thanks Muzz, I agree. Im going to finish the body before I finish the core, so If need be I can trim it down just a hair before oiling it. What color? Black of course! Im debating whether or not to add a little gold fleck into the mix, but I really just want the body to frame the core and not really stand out too much.
  9. Thanks, but I didnt ask... Anyway show me a body design that doesnt combine elements of existing guitars. There are really only a handful of body shapes out there that work as a guitar. Im not going to school to be a guitar designer, Im actually studying automotive and powersports design. This is just a way for me to use the school facilities to do my builds and get college credit simultaneously. Im not "hoping" for publicity, and I couldnt really care less whether or not I get any at all. But as I pointed out, its just the nature of my school. Who am I to tell the school board that they cant
  10. This guitar really turned out nice Muzz! You should put the image of the block of wood up next to the new image of the guitar by the pool. Link works too I guess, but it would be cool to see them together!
  11. That would be a really easy question for me to answer. Isnt it enough just to own something awesome? Something coveted by others? Even if you only use it on occasion? Consider how much care and time you put into it. Can you think of anyone who deserves to own your care and time more than you? Money is just paper. An expression of your talent and emotion is priceless. Sorry to get all philosophical on you, but I just imagine that your work is consistently under appreciated by whoever ends up with it. You will have a much greater appreciation for it that someone else and I think at least ONE of
  12. Im coming to terms with the concept that if these guitars turn out well, its likely that they will get quite a bit of publicity, both displayed in the gallery on campus (which gets a LOT of professional traffic) as well as on-line or through other public avenues. Its just the nature of my school. So I decided if Im going to be using the same graphic identity as the Ibanez Giger, I really should appeal for permission from Mr. Giger himself. At least that way im covered, even if there was never really a possibility of him coming across this project. Its just good form isnt it? This is not a grap
  13. Does this mean you are actually entertaining the idea of keeping it? You know you want to...
  14. Thanks! I hope it looks as good once Its painted. The clear body is still intangible so I have no real idea of how it will and up looking aside from the digital mockups I threw together of it.
  15. Thats actually a really good comparison!!! And I guess that would make my wife the iron maiden? (couldnt help myself) Ill keep yours out of it...
  16. You know I have to bust your balls though right? If only out of principle!
  17. Is that the actual bridge placement? It looks really high... Interesting little dip in the bottom of the body. I hadnt noticed that before. Is that for comfort, or did the placement of the laminates dictate that oddity? It sort of makes the lower horn look awkward IMO. It would look more balanced if you made it slightly less substantial. I know You didnt ask me for my opinion, I give it to you gratuitously anyway! I guess I just feel that if your going to take the time and make the effort to make something, you should design it a little bit. Edit: I was posting this as you posted that l
  18. Maybe next time. I originally wanted to put in a IZ ZR, but that was before I incorporated the concept of interchangeable bodies. I still have to work out the logistics of a floyd using this theme as well.
  19. Then I took it to the next level. I began drilling holes for my pots and switch. I had to dismantle the drill press lever to get it to clear the body at that Angle. My output jack is angled from the top of the guitar a la Ibanez S, so I had to calculate the angle from my control cavity and jimmy rig an MDF jig for the drill press. I then used a 1/4" forsner bit to drill my pilot hole, followed up by a larger one, then a regular bit the diameter of my flush mount jack to go through. Im pretty happy with the result. A quick mockup with holes filled and core inserted. Ill be using an Ibanez S
  20. Got a lot done on this one today! Firstly I drilled the TR access holes in the cores and rough cut one of them out on the band saw. After cleaning up the sides and the neck profile using the table router and my template, I took a spindle sander to the HS. A quick round over along the bottom edge of the core, and viola! A Guitar! The radius isnt quite right and needs a little hand finesse to get it to fit flush into the body cavity. But its not too bad. Its a pretty snug fit, so Ill have to sand back a bit to compensate for the finish inside the body cavity.
  21. Very little progress on this one since last update, but I did get the fretboards prepped and inlay holes drilled. More pics later when I have better progress to show. By the way, does anyone have any advice in leveling the inlays after gluing them in on a compound radiused fretboard? I bought these pre-radiused and I dont wanna sand it down when I go to level the dot inlays. Thanks in advance!
  22. I have to admit that I love almost everything about this build! I actually really like the shape. The walnut looks fantastic. And your logo is great! Im with everyone else about the temporary control plate, its awful... Change it ASAP for an all around awesome 7 string guitar!!
  23. I cant speak for RAD, but my guess is that with this thing being so thin, recessing the cavity cover would likely creep into the space for the electronics on a model containing a selector switch. Being that this is a prototype, considerations have probably been made to account for all electronics variations in future models. Ibanez did the same thing with the thin Sabre body.
  24. Another alternative would be to rout a recess into the top for a TOM and keep the string-thru design without angling the neck pocket. I angled my neck pocket the same way as sdshirtman though, and it was relatively simple and easy (so long as the router bearing stays intact ) I think youll find that most comercial bolt on guitar necks, even the not-so -cheap USA made Fender strats are actually screwed on the same way.
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