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  1. Yeah I could tell they were computer squiggles. Just wasnt sure if you made them with a virtual etch a sketch using 2 tiny dials. By the way, both Prince and Eric the Red are over 50.
  2. Thank HEAVEN you cut straighter than you draw! Jeez! it looks like you drew that outline holding the marker between your knees! Just kidding man. sounds like it could be an interesting project. Personally, if I were designing an instrument to be played in church, id take a page out of ESPs book of secrets.
  3. Amazing! I love the way this thing turned out! What bridge are you planning on swapping the ABMs for?
  4. So I decided to continue on with the "good one" so as to not go on a fiery rampage and destroy the entire shop. I figured Id go ahead and put the radius on the edges so I dont forget and inadvertently drill the output jack first. Then I rough shaped the body and arm contours on the spindle and belt sander. Trem cavity is a bit rough on this one cuz I used a dull cutting bit on the milling machine. I was happy to use a router after that. its amazing how much lighter the bodies are after routing! Makes me want to get them (or at least one of them) ready for finishing along side the seve
  5. Bitter sweet day of woodworking today... I feel like I actually got quite a lot done considering. I had to buy a new pattern bit to rout the cavities. I thought I could get away with just using a cheap Rockler bit. It worked for about an hour... I got my template positioned to rout the front of the guitars and prepped the router and what not. Got the whole body routed, one down one to go. I am putting a 2 degree angle on the neck pockets for the top mount FR, so after doing all of the standard routing I packed shims under the template to raise the end of the board to match the angle wh
  6. Progress is a bit slow as always... Got the scarf joints done and the truss rod channels cut though. Hope to get the fingerboards on by the end of the week. Really need to get the body ready for casting... that means completely finished. I have to take it somewhere to get the sandblasting done as the sand blaster at school isnt equipped for wood. It would probably eat a gaping hole into the face! still have to drill some holes and finish sand before then.
  7. The glaze is much finer than bondo. It comes in a tube premixed. Old car painting trick. Prime your piece. Sand it to 400 but don't cut through. Use the glaze to fill all the divets. SAND ALL THE EXCESS OFF. Or it will show through the final coat. The stuff I used is not the absolute right putty for the job. It is really for bigger fixes.. But I new I had several coats going on top of it. This is the one to use. 3m spot putty Cool thanks! I actually used to work for Grainger in the warehouse, wonder if they will still give me a discount..... Hmmm.
  8. RAD, that finish is incredible!!! I want one! Quick question though, at the risk of looking like an ignorant n00b, that glazing you used a few steps back... was that to fill in any imperfections in the surface like bondo?... Im getting ready to start priming for an opaque finish on my 7 string and I want it to look close to as clean as yours. Also, do you put anything on the wood prior to priming? like shellac or something similar?
  9. It would be nice to actually see the guitar in the video... But it really sounds great!
  10. Actually... Not at all. I dont play enough or care to play that much anymore, to have a really nice expensive guitar. I mean, it seems pointless to do that, when i would just play it a few hours a night, playing the same 3 songs i know over and over. I hit a peak (not a very high one) of ability on guitar. I never got very good, despite how much I played. And actually, i foudn that the longer i went without playing, then came back to playing, i was actually better. I enjoy building 100X more than playing. Dont get me wrong its not just "Buid build build, sell sell sell, gotta make money'
  11. To each his own. Sounds like you are squandering a great skill though. You have the ability to make some really well built and uniquely beautiful guitars, but you lock yourself into doing the same thing over and over because you "need it to sell". Dont get me wrong, your KL explorers are great, as well as your other builds (including this one). But dont you think you could have a lot more fun if you were to build one really nice guitar specifically to keep for yourself and not worry about whether it would sell or not. Building "plain" guitars to sustain a habit of building more "plain" guitars
  12. I would see the time I invested and revel the fact that to buy that guitar would have cost much more than I spent making it myself. Do you usually build whatever the heck you want and then pawn it off to the first interested party, or does a potential customer tell you what they want before you start making it? Im sure youve done both, but what is the "normal" scenario?
  13. It may be worth it to just browse around the forum and ask specific questions about others' builds. PMs or replies, whatever. Restoration AD makes some pretty thin necks, He would probably have a good idea, and he's always helpful.
  14. Ha Ha, maybe next time. I agree they both look quite good, but read the rest of the thread... decisions already been made.
  15. I must be selfish or something... Thus far all of my guitar designs are meant to mine and only mine!
  16. I always loved the idea of a Floyd on an LP, until I saw Axcess Standard. It lust looks wrong IMO. Not bad, wrong! Good luck with this build man! I got ambitious and thought I could build 4 guitars in 14 weeks for some reason. To make matters worse, two of them are very non-traditional. Im just now coming to the realization that im in way over my head 8 weeks into the builds! For one guitar, you should have no problem! You sound pretty confident too, thats always a good sign.
  17. That, or you could use one of the fifty or so you built...
  18. Looks like youve gotten yourself a pretty nice setup there, and your build is coming along very nicely. Regarding neck thickness: Im new to building as well so I generally design my guitars to the spec of a commercial guitar that I like. More specifically, I model my necks after an Ibanez wizard profile by making gauges of the back of neck at the 1st, and 12th frets. Although I dont know the exact truss rod that Ibanez use, I believe its relatively safe to bet that its a double action rod with dimensions very close to those of most "aftermarket" rods you can buy, though StewMacs Hot Rod (which
  19. You have to be a member to view the image you posted on that forum. This is your 63rd post on PG and you still dont know how to post a picture? You need an account with an image vault website such as Photobucket. Upload your image there and link it to your post using the code provided.
  20. Cool man, Youve literally made guitar building your life! Very commendable. And it shows how serious you are about doing this. Do still manage to find time to play?
  21. Dude, you really crank these puppies out! Im honestly jealous at how much spare time you must have to work on guitars all day every day. Have you done a Rhoads with an ESP HS before? Slap a couple of pin stripes along the edges and a bucker in the bridge and you got an Alexi clone.
  22. Progress has been kinda slow lately since ive been wrestling with building the "cores" for my seven string projects. Im starting to realize that much of the equipment at school, however plentiful and diverse it is, has been really abused and is therefore quite hard to work with and innacurate. As you all guess, this makes building a good guitar by hand very challenging. However, I was able to get my necks ready for fretboards and shaping in the past couple of days. I got my faux truss rod fillet done, and the actual truss rod channel routed. Then I rough cut the necks on the bandsaw.
  23. This is more along the lines of what I expected in a response to this thread. I really appreciate the advice from all of you guys, and I will definitely take it to heart, but if youve taken the time to read through all of my posts in this topic than you have noticed that most of the responses take me more seriously than even I do at this point. If I were an experienced and seasoned luthier, I hopeI wouldnt need answers to these questions. I admit, I may have posted this prematurely, but its something Ive been curious about and I appreciate the feedback from you all. Yes, I am interested in b
  24. No need for apologies, I totally get what youre saying. I remember that discussion. Like I said, I have no intension to go into production as a full time builder, and I dont profess to build higher than mid-range quality guitars either. In fact, I wouldnt even mind building entry level guitars at this point, but I understand thats a hard feat considering the overheard cost of a small-time hand builder. So after I finish my current builds and the "commission" for my uncle, that will put the tally up to 6, then I still have my LP and Crimson King bass. To do for myself in addition to a few other
  25. Does it count if Ive started building five? And designed many more than that...Truth be told, I have yet to actually finish a guitar, but aside from fretting, Ive experienced pretty much avery aspect of building. I can spray and mix chemicals (auto body work) and I have wired robotics and digital electronics, so im expecting those aspect to be be less of a challenge for me than the woodworking part, which im finding I kind of have a knack for. Obviously I made a few mistakes during the course of my current builds, and I have learned from them, so with more care I shouldnt have any repeats. I
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