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  1. If it were me, id definately cut the control cavity into the body template so you can get everything aligned to the centerline, and I would clean up that pup template too and put a centerline on it. If your template looks like that, you might as well freehand the rout on the guitar, cuz its not going to be much help. If you dont already have Melvyn Hiscock's book, get it! Theres a whole section with template drawings in the back for different sizes and shapes of pickups that come in handy as well. Thats what I use to get measurements for cutting cavity templates.
  2. My uncle has taken an interest in my building and asked about hiring me to build him a custom. Obviously for family Im gonna hook him up when he finally does place his order, but the future is looking bright as far as commission prospects are concerned, so I wanted to know what is a good price point for a custom job. Mainly labor charges, I can figure out cost. Keep in mind that Im still pretty new to this, but I feel like I have a pretty good feel for what im doing since Im experiencing building many types of guitars with many different components and finishes, and im very meticulous about my
  3. Thanks for your replies guys. I guess my question was phrased kind of stupidly though. Obviously any tuning that has any sort of musical logic will yield good results. I guess Im more interested in using the guitar to play songs that are traditionally played in low tuning on a six (think Mastodon), but still have the upper register to get up to that high E and beyond on a standard tuned 6. I suppose I could accomplish the same thing by using standard 7 string tuning, offering more low notes rather than high notes. You can probably tell my knowledge of musical theory is pretty lacking. In all
  4. Thanks. A lot of hard work went into getting that body shape just right, and developing the right ind of carve for it. Im pretty happy with the way things are working out too. I dont see how a using a mill is any more cheating than using a plunge or a table router. Im not about to get into another debate about CNC vs "hand made", but just try doing a full body carve, front and back, without a CNC machine! Not saying it cant be done, but the headache just isnt worth it to me. Developing a top notch, mill quality 3d model to input into the machine is no easy task either, and considering th
  5. Right, but if you dont have a personal preference, music style is a good place to start... Most modern commercially built guitars made for playing Metal and Hard Rock come equipped with jumbo frets from the factory, (Ibanez RG and X, and most Jacksons and ESPs) so its a pretty good indication of what the preference tends to be for the typical customer, or at least what those companies have decided is the standard for playing that kind of music. Im assuming you play guitar and therefore are accustomed to playing a certain kind of guitar equipped with a particular fret size. If thats comfort
  6. Im no authority on the subject, but I think the style of music youre playing could help determine which fretwire you should go with. for Metal and Hard rock I tend to steer toward jumbo or extra jumbo, for jazz I think smaller size is more appropriate. If you play everything in between, go with a medium.
  7. Thats a relief! Ill wait to see it "completely done" then!
  8. Really amazing work Jon! I am truly impressed. My one gripe about this instrument is that you spent all this time choosing wood and hardware that compliment each other perfectly, you take the care to design and cut this fantastic vine pattern F hole, and wire up some serious electronics; you create this overall gorgeous instrument then you go and string it up like a cheap Strat copy some 14 year-old kid plays in his punk rock band. What is up with those strings man? Aside from that easily resolved little detail, I love it!
  9. Ha Ha! I worked with an Ozzy who lived in UK for a couple of years. Were it not for him I would have absolutely no idea what you meant by "pants".
  10. Now that my seven string projects are more than just a concept, Im starting to think about different tunings. As I stated in my build thread somewhere, Im not a 7 string player (im not really a guitarist at all, well a good one anyway) so these will be my introduction to the "extended range" sector. I suppose Ill need one thats in standard BEADGBE, but I wonder if tuning the other to DGCFADG would yield a good result. Has anyone here had experience with this tuning? I like the idea that its essentially a 6 string D standard with a high G added to the range. Seems like it might be an easier tr
  11. Thank goodness for that! Yeah, your carve is way more appealing than that. Are you planning on doing a reverse banana style HS as well?
  12. Now this is the kind of stuff I want to see more of! Very cool idea. Id like to see it in a really "dirty" finish though, somewhere along the lines of your nuclear guitar, if you take my meaning. Without seeing the actual guitar I cant say for sure, but you run the risk of it looking cheesy if the finish is too clean IMO. But then, You are an artist Doug, Im sure you know exactly what you're doing.
  13. Thanks! Ive done everything at school (design college) so far, including the laser stuff. They charge $0.40 minute to use them, so If Im cutting something really intricate, it adds up pretty quickly. I found that out when I cut the recess for the body inlay of my Tabar Zin project, (Please excuse the cheesy Pirate Metal.)\m/ \m/
  14. Miten olet mieltynyt Suomi? I agree though this becoming a good guitar. Hey, lets keep the inside jokes to a minimum. I dont speak Finnish (guessing). No inside jokes there. I figured as much. I was just referring to the fact that I dont know what you said, and am therefore on the "outside", joke or not. This is my thread after all...
  15. RedStar Cover HOD Magnets HOD Cover Hey RAD, you know all those links go to the same page right? Anyway, that is probably one if the best examples youll find on using mags for control covers. RAD does beautiful and solid work.
  16. I dont know about Ibanez, but Fender explicitly points out their trademark for the Stratocaster and Telecaster body shape and headstock design in every ad they publish. Same goes for Charvel and Jackson San Dimas body and HS shapes. My understanding is that all manufacturers using those body shapes are doing so under license from Fender directly. The other guys just havent made a big enough impression to be noticed and therefore havent been sued yet... Its a pretty safe bet that any of the guys making any significant sales of "replacement" Jem bodies or necks are either under a license from Ho
  17. First signs of this project actually materializing! I spent the day in the shop and made some real progress. I got my templates all laser cut. Took about 4 min. and cost me a total of $7. Beats buying them online! (besides the fact that you cant find strat templates with a FR rout) Then I traced and rough cut the bodies on the band saw. Finished off by cleaning the edges up on the router table using a brand new bit! I was hoping to get the cavities all milled today, but the equipment was being monopolized by another student all afternoon. Ill get that done next week while my scarf j
  18. Started on the cores today. First of all, I laser cut my template on 1/4" masonite. Then I rough cut my neck profile and the angle for my HS scarf. I think I want to add a maple accent piece in the scarf now. Well see. Just for fun I wedged the template into the body cavity and put the pups in place to see what it would look like. I love the profile of the new extended housing EMG pups. very clean. Also, I actually like the contrasting dark core against the pale Alder. The final product will have a similar effect hopefully, only inverted. Shop is closed till monday, so I guess Ill t
  19. Miten olet mieltynyt Suomi? I agree though this becoming a good guitar. Hey, lets keep the inside jokes to a minimum. I dont speak Finnish (guessing).
  20. Thats a good point. I honestly couldnt say. I bought the bit to cut my battle axe guitar and it hasnt seen any use since, but that maple was HARD! It wouldnt surprise me if it dulled the blade.
  21. I asked the guys in the shop at school for advice in filling those cracks and I got a whole bunch of different responses as well. So I took a varied approach; one that Im already counting on getting a lot of grief from you guys about... But for my purposes it worked out perfect. I went with a thick CA (Slow ZAP) and drizzled many layers into the end grain of the split area. The fumes dont bother me, but it took a good hour of drizzling. Then after sanding the area down using a combination of belt, spindle, and random orbital sanders to reveal the air pockets within the cracks, I simply
  22. Would you suggest the epoxy instead then? Or thin CA rather than medium?
  23. Truthfully, I dont mind the angle on the strings. I actually like the way the strings Splay out after the nut on a Jackson HS. The only part that is slightly off-putting to me is the way the High e hovers over the area where there is no HS. Thats one thing that always put me off about the Pareker Fly as well. Not a huge issue, just a little nitpicky thing. I feel I can be that specific since the guitar as a whole is outstanding! But I really do love the shape of the headstock, seems to work slightly better on 6 string variations from what we've seen thus far however. i was simply attempting to
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