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  1. Looking at the pictures of your guitars I am in awe, all you guys are leaps and bounds ahead of me!
  2. I already mentioned this but a picture is always good. As I started Routing I realised that it couldn't reach the line around the lower bout. I could have adjusted the stopper but I thought it might be better so I thought "Nah leave it yeah" (Jimmy) And I think it did work out better I got the Neck carve done on the Big Les Paul today. Its 12.5% bigger so I'm wondering if I should put the bridge the same distance from the front or proportionally equal. A Les Paul has the bridge at 252mm from the neck join so 252 x 1.125 = 284. This would work well if I join the Neck at
  3. Thanks Scott By the way its funny I found a plan for doing this in my files AFTER I'd done it. Its pretty much the same but the lines are straight at the upper bouts although this is probably before the Neck carve is done
  4. Finally got some progress on my LP4. The Top has been glued on for a while and today I did the initial shaping. Its a bit of a laborious method but its the way I've always done it and I'm improving each time I mark it out with lines to follow the router with, this time I made paper templates and I flip them over to get it equal each side. I first go round the edge with a Router bit with a wheel guide then change the Router bit and follow the lines This is the setup This Template matches the R9 contour at the base And this
  5. I was staring at the top for 15 minutes totally stunned
  6. Well I have to modify the Trapese Tailpiece if I want to use it, so at the moment I just put the post in and a lighter set of strings
  7. Good grief, Ich weiss nicht Yes I first figured this out with an acoustic pickup (DeArmond) that some other guitar playing dude gave me when I was working on the mines up north 20 years ago. I got around to trying it out...hang on 25 years ago...on my Washburn steel string...no 30 years ago....and I noticed...nah nah nah 35 years ago or close to it...I noticed the 1st and 2nd strings were a lot louder than the others. Here's a link which shows one with the second pole covered over https://gpguitars.com/products/dearmond-rhc-b210-acoustic-soundhole-pickup I noticed one
  8. It's convenient that the last post has that view of the guitar, you might be able to see that the Saddle is leaning over just a bit more now At first I thought the saddle (and therefore the top) is sinking due to the absence of the "post" underneath. But the action isn't lower, if anything it's higher so then I realised what's happening is the Tailpiece is lifting up due to the Rotational force created by the setup I have had Accoustic Strings on for quite a while now which are rather heavy gauge 12-54 so that doesn't help but I think I should put the post in and use the Trapese Tail
  9. One of my guitars has holes and patches due to moving the volume controls and I've thought of doing "Bullet Holes" and Flames so it looks like it was meant that way
  10. I made a Strat Copy with angle on the headstock so it didn't need string trees, bad idea!
  11. If I understand you correctly the answer is yes. I asked a University Lecturer (who also happened to be a guitarist) about this and he said when you play a fretted note, the vibrations go past your finger as Longitudinal pulses and past the nut and then of course reach the tuning pegs Edit: I should mention that once the vibrations have got past your finger they return to Transverse waves again
  12. Hi, welcome to the forum! At first I thought "why change the body shape?" but I quickly changed my mind. You are organised with your plans which is a very good thing, unlike myself, I just chuck myself in the deep end. However when you start actually using machines on the wood is when things might not go to plan! Practice using tools on scrap wood so you learn the nature of the beasts, especially routers I like the more Walnut less Maple concepts by the way and the neck-through design allows great access to upper frets. Great ideas all round so hope it goes well for you!
  13. If I have the right understanding of it, I think the best way is when you play a note on a piano and hold it. You hear the note seem to change tone like "Bwwwwwoooooowwww" LOL if there's a better way to spell it! On a guitar its quicker due to shorter strings
  14. No worries, I thought it looked like the rubber feet in photo above are right at the end
  15. Would it be a good idea to support the timber on its nodal points so it can vibrate freely?
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