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  1. Be cautious how you go about it. I did this a while ago and got impatient and caused myself a whole lot of work. My LPC3
  2. I concur with all above advice, glue the piece that broke out back in. And when taking the frets out I use two putty knives with sharpened edge, one left and one right
  3. Wow now suddenly its finished! I have quite often wondered what a 2" thick SG would be like so its great to see someone else who has done it!
  4. I think we all know that feeling! By the way how thick is the body? it looks like Les Paul dimensions in that dept.
  5. My neighbours chook came in my place, didn't like what it saw and took a dump...
  6. I remember hitting the glass, the Fish & Chip shop owner would come out and go berserk, (he was Hungarian, a scary man LOL) I have no idea what the pinballs were called but I remember some of the video games, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong
  7. We used to use washers for coins in pinball machines, then one day they didn't work any more because somebody had it figured out and installed a mechanism that would reject them. Also. I knew a guy who would cut lead sheeting into the size of 5c pieces (until he realised he could get cash for the lead at scrap yards LOL) Gee things were cheap in those days. I think the last time I played on a machine it cost a fist full of 20c pieces
  8. The whole thing is a gamble with insurance (if you have the choice) I just paid my vehicle rego which is $855 for the year and most of it is insurance which is mandatory. It has always been expensive due to the insurance but a couple of years ago the Licensing Dept decided to add another type of insurance on top. I think its 3rd party or personal injury Just after I bought the vehicle the insurance ran out and I couldn't afford the full comprehensive so I just got the cheapest one and then I scraped all down the side on a brick wall which caused more damage than the vehicle is worth. Bad
  9. A few years ago I had to have root treatment and before that was done another tooth started aching and apparently that tooth was in worse condition than the first! So I went and bought a Gibson Songwriter...(while you got the credit card out why not? what the hell!) So a few months after its all over the second one starts acting up again and the Endodontist looked at it and reckoned his work was good and that I should see a regular dentist and have it crowned. So the regular dentist has a look at it and reckons its in really bad shape and needs to be pulled out. Shit I could have bought a
  10. Wow I feel like I've travelled 20 years into the future, this is too soon RIP Eddie
  11. Thanks guys yes its an LR Baggs Element, one of the most expensive components installed on the guitar
  12. Just a little more, compared to an R9 and demonstrating its accoustic abilities ......and by the way all the things I play are just off the top of my head. I'm not trying to play a particular tune and I haven't practiced anything and don't have anything written down, I just make it up as I go along...otherwise I would never get anything done
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