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  1. A few years ago I made a couple of guitars with a flat fretboard because I was sick of trying to get a decent neck. Yes they worked, got a decent low action and I adapted to them, but I just didn't like them. I bought a Stewmac Radius Beam after that and all guitars since then have a good neck with 12 inch radius. Just recently I got around to pulling the frets and putting a radius on them and I'm really happy, although they still sound exactly the same! Here's the story in pictures
  2. It should have dried after 15 years LOL
  3. You said the HB mode is low and weird, does the Humbucker work properly on its own? Also as Curtisa mentioned, are you sure Humbucker mode is actually Humbucker? Check which coils are active by tapping them with a small screwdriver or something, at low volume but not too low
  4. Hey, I've been in a funny situation. I changed my password then forgot it so I've been locked out but luckily I wrote it in my diary One day I spotted this and have been wanting to comment. The Number Plate on this Doomsday Truck is Western Australian. Its no big deal but bit of a surprise to me
  5. Yes it seems you need to be a member And by the way what I think about the whole thing is, of course the timber makes a difference and there's no need to go to great lengths to prove one way or the other. We know Strats with a RW fretboard sound different to Maple, A solid Mahogany Les Paul sounds different to one with a Maple cap, and an all-Maple guitar most definitely sounds different. So the experimenting has already been done HOWEVER I think its all a bit over-rated, its one of those things that people become too engrossed in. Like drag car racing, you have to spend ten tim
  6. The best news report I've ever seen was in the Michael Douglas movie "The Game"
  7. My phone screen died a couple of weeks ago so I walked into the Apple Store...
  8. I dabbled in a fanned fret guitar with a slanted humbucker and didn't notice any loss of volume from the top and low E strings, but I didn't like that the pole pieces weren't the same distance from the saddle as usual. It was almost a reverse slant as Curtisa mentioned. So I shifted one of the coils, putting the screws through the holes already there (see second photo) and it works out nicely, what a fluke! and I'm confident there are no adverse effects from this mod This project has been put aside for quite a while because it has some issues to sort out, ie. the pickup routes. And just f
  9. Here's something worth a mention, anyone familiar with the New Zealand (Kiwi) accent?
  10. Reminds me of a piece of wisdom I heard recently "There are 2 Rules in life" 1. Don't give out all the information
  11. Yes as I understand it, the strings adopt the tonal characteristics of whatever they are attached to. The vibrations of the wood, nut, saddle etc. affect the vibrations in the string and this is then is picked up by the pickups
  12. Back in the 1950's my father applied for a job as a drummer in a band that played on a cruise ship. Then he got my mother up the duff, then the job application came through and he was keen to take it but Pop goes "Oh no you're not, you're going to marry that girl!"
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