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  1. I dabbled in a fanned fret guitar with a slanted humbucker and didn't notice any loss of volume from the top and low E strings, but I didn't like that the pole pieces weren't the same distance from the saddle as usual. It was almost a reverse slant as Curtisa mentioned. So I shifted one of the coils, putting the screws through the holes already there (see second photo) and it works out nicely, what a fluke! and I'm confident there are no adverse effects from this mod This project has been put aside for quite a while because it has some issues to sort out, ie. the pickup routes. And just f
  2. Here's something worth a mention, anyone familiar with the New Zealand (Kiwi) accent?
  3. Reminds me of a piece of wisdom I heard recently "There are 2 Rules in life" 1. Don't give out all the information
  4. Yes as I understand it, the strings adopt the tonal characteristics of whatever they are attached to. The vibrations of the wood, nut, saddle etc. affect the vibrations in the string and this is then is picked up by the pickups
  5. Back in the 1950's my father applied for a job as a drummer in a band that played on a cruise ship. Then he got my mother up the duff, then the job application came through and he was keen to take it but Pop goes "Oh no you're not, you're going to marry that girl!"
  6. During this lockdown they have been encouraging people to use computers more and more. Here is a 1970's program that talks about the same thing although with different reasons behind it At 23:28 she says “If the fuel and job shortages that are going on at the moment reach crisis point, we will be confined to our homes in the future and its then that Prestel will be far more vital. By 1984 I’d gamble that although Big Brother will be watching us, we’ll be watching Big Buzby"
  7. No I just install them. Made by a local door place who pass work onto me By the way I posted the question about that educational story on the FB page of the High School I used to go to and somebody responded. It's called "The Pedestrian" written in 1951 and set in 2053. They still use it in High Schools now https://www.tesd.net/cms/lib/PA01001259/Centricity/Domain/542/The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury.pdf Apparently he wrote another story I also remember called "There Will Come Soft Rains"
  8. Yes its sort of an advert. The powers that be, politics and corporations have got things planned out many decades in advance. Another film they showed us at High School in 1975 depicted a gay marriage with the voice-over "In the future this may one day be a reality" Well anyway, here's a picture for your Viewing Screen. This is the door and frame I fitted today. Before and After
  9. I just remembered something I've been meaning to mention. When I was in High School around 1975 we had "educational movies" etc. I think this one was just audio, but it went like this. It is set "somewhere in the future" There's this bloke who decides to go for a walk at night because he's bored. He gets half way round the block and he's confronted by a Police vehicle. The police shine a spotlight at him and demand to know who he is and why he's outdoors. He explains the situation and they respond "Is there something wrong with your "Viewing Screen"? He replies "No" and they insist that h
  10. Anyone got these? You don't want them in your nuts and bolts
  11. This chook is "Hammer" she comes to visit me (when she's not brooding) and I love to give her treats
  12. How fascinating! I love to see how animals interact with humans, and each other On the pond across the road (pond, lake whatever) I went over with some bread and when I tossed some to the Goose it was too slow and the little Ducks and Coots snatched them up. The Goose got really pissed off and started biting them
  13. A Credit Card having an extra layer of insurance - I can't remember if I've looked into it but that sounds familiar. And there are other advantages of a CC. One time I bought some Ugg Boots from New Zealand and I enquired about paying from my regular bank account, but they said it would cost me a lot more due to the different currency exchange. Whereas a Credit Card has all that built-in. I don't think that company uses PayPal. (Good Ugg Boots by the way, the sole was like an inch thick)
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