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  1. Thank you I already sanded as there was a lot of old glue in between the bridge and body.
  2. Hey i need to glue a bridge back on an acoustic what kind of glue generally works best for that? i know that sounds stupid but i know basic wood glue isn't the strongest stuff out there and idk if the 2 1/2 ton epoxy stuff or whatever it is screws up tone.
  3. I had no idea it didn't need to, especially being I'm hopping to put fairly high tension strings on it.
  4. I'm trying to find a truss rod for a neck with a 28-15/16" long fret board (no over hang at the ends) and I'm not seeing anything online. Where would be a good place to look?
  5. What's a good size iron for wiring guitars?
  6. I'm new as you probably noticed. I like cookies, metal, building things, blowing stuff up, Jesus and ummmm pizza so yeah that's my personality in a slightly distorted tired can't think nut shell. I want a cookie.... any way I hope to avoid annoying yalls too much (Yes I know I'm off to a terrible start) and learn a lot. If i can help with anything (HA! yeah right) I'll be glad too assist. Oh and i forgot something I like basketball and motor sports and I'm about the height of your left pinky toe. uhhh I don't think I'm forgetting...oh yeah my awesome totally radical socks girlfriend she's total awesome sauce! Ok now i'm done Yes this IS supposed to be REALLY n00bish sounding. I like mocking n00bs and randomly rambling randomly rambling that's fun say it with me randomly rambling quit glaring at me .... I'm not bald really I'm not Ok something yall might care about I built one guitar body for wood shop last year, I took a fairly traditional shape cut a bunch of wood of the back section and made the cut away horns as pointy and big Jay Leno's chin. Unfortunately by dad who's primary wood working experience is furniture building picked the wood and I wound up with oak.. I've spray painted it black and am somewhat unsure what to do with it at this point. I've been told oak works ok for bass so I'm considering re routing some of the pickup cavities and making a pick guard for it to hide the old pickup routes (It's currently routed for 3 guitar humbuckers) and turning it into a bass. As far as playing instruments goes I've been playing guitar for 4 or 5 yearsish...I'm not really sure which (Yeah my memory sucks) and I play everything from punk to country to blues to metal to contemporary and hardcore. As far as my fav bands go I'd say Becoming the Archetype, Alter Bridge, Demon Hunter, The offspring and Eric Johnson top the list. As far as my favorite axes the focus 6000 and the first 2 posts on this thread. fav axes
  7. I've read that to bend the sides of a acoustic guitar into shape you have to steam them first. Doesn't that cause some pretty bad shrinkage issues over the life of the instrument?
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