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  1. Funnily enough, I saw the guitar (body only) on the Ed Roman link as well. Being a thicky, I just thought it was a freakishly similar top!
  2. If you're in Florida, try this: http://concretebeachbrewery.com/beers/rico/ Ive been drinking it at MIA lately and it's one of the best American IPA's (APA?) that I've had the pleasure of slurping. Scotty, pm me your address and I'll send a sixer of Jai Alai your way. It's a good beer to have on hand when you're cutting the lawn mid July. B
  3. I had actually searched his PG history and couldn't find it. I then went to his website which only showed dead links (while at the pub), so I'd assumed he was done. Having just clicked on his site from the hotel, I'm actually quite pleased to see that his site is still alive. You're a great builder, sir, and I look forward to your next builds, should you chose to build again. Cheers Buter
  4. Anybody have a link to the thread about RAD's build from about six years ago - neck through with a top plate on it? I remember that he and I had very similar build styles. Cheers B
  5. I've got loads of rich friends and they all seem to say something along the lines of "the only bad time to buy is yesterday..." Obviously not true in all cases, but I've certainly noticed a common theme. B
  6. Haha... I certainly did! I got one of them fancy glue bottle/roller spreader jobs and filled it up, just to be safe. I figured I could always pour the leftover back into the glue jug. Safe to say I ran out with 2.5 faces left to glue. Cue big mess as I pour straight from the jug and spread with my fingers. There will be a right proper temper tantrum if I find any voids in this...
  7. First clamp forest in a looooooooong time. Felt good. Forgot how stressful it can be doing a 5 piece lay up. Out the door and headed for London while the glue was still squeezing out. Some things never change...
  8. I'm with you, Wes. I only drink IPA now. There's way more hops in IPA. Hops are green. Green stuff is healthy. Ergo, henceforth and erstwhile... I must be on a health kick!
  9. Yeah, it's easy to say it'll all be fine when you are on the sideline. Different matter altogether if you're actually in the game. The thickened wall may well be a by product of the hole. Because of the hole, the muscle has to work harder and gets "buff". My wife and I became experts in all things cardio when our little one went through it all. After her final operation and the assurance that she would lead a long and healthy life I just dumped all the info and stuck my head in the sand, ostrich-like. If I don't aknowledge the problem, it must not exist, right? Anyway, I hope it all gets sorte
  10. I'm not sure if you are letting your dentist check your eyes, or your optometrist check your teeth, but, either way, perhaps you should reevaluate? With regards to your heart, you will probably be amazed at what they can do to fix hearts these days. My youngest was born with a heart that had more wrong with it than it had right. Based on the info we were given when she was diagnosed, we wouldn't have expected her to still be here, yet she's probably the happiest and healthiest in the family. All the best with it, dude. B
  11. On my old computer (RIP) I had a huge folder where I saved all the pics of guitar things that really inspired me or things that I thought I could put to use later like clever jigs and techniques. I was about to start doing that again while I was having my morning coffee and just thought many of you probably do the same thing. Any chance you guys wanna post some of the stuff you've collected over the years? It might save me a bit of time trolling back through the years again. It may also show some of the new joins some stuff they may not have seen before. I'll post some of the stuff
  12. Wasting no time making good use of your jointer, I see. B
  13. You two are so cute... Wes - are the allparts rods the same size as the LMI ones? I have to admit they are my tr of choice, but only because I ordered a few of them along with a big order ages ago and I haven't found anything I like better yet. I don't like paying any more than I have to for quality parts, so I might give the allparts rods a go if I can ever manage to get back to building. Cheers B
  14. ... then switch to the LMI rods which are just as good and require much less wood to be routed away. You can get decent quality, inexpensive router bits from MLCS. B
  15. I wouldn't want a flat fingerboard. If you can build a guitar, you can make a radius block to radius your fb. There should be a few tutorials on the homepage of this very site. You can also buy radius blocks from smaller parts companies that aren't overpriced - it's only a block of wood after all. If you have a router, you can easily make a jig to radius your board as well. B
  16. The first one is for learning, mate, and it sounds like you already have. As Mike said, it is looking pretty good so far. Don't use Poplar for your templates if you intend on keeping them for future builds, use a material that won't move around like MDF, ply or some man made composite. Next time you do a neck through keep your side wing cut-offs to use as clamping cauls, it will make clamping the thing up infinitely easier and produce a better result. I'll disagree with Mike and say that making some templates will be of great benefit on future builds. I like the shape, good luck
  17. Aahhh... I've been waiting for this one since you finished the one for Hook. I can't see all of the pics due to hotel interweb - but I've seen enough... Please go into detail when you carve the back of the headstock. Cheers Scotty. Buter
  18. My technique is very similar except I use a vac bag instead of clamps. 15 psi is magic. B
  19. You're not wrong. When you are making a neck from scratch, you will have a perfectly flat board and levelled frets (in theory). When under string tension, the neck will obviously develop a bow which can then be eliminated, with the desired relief left in place, with adjustment of the truss rod. Since you started with a flat board and returned to a flat board, you have no need for a neck jig when building a new neck. I think that the neck jig is an excellent tool for a repair shop, where you do not get to dictate what condition the neck is in when you begin to work on it. IMO, repa
  20. And the award for the fewest clamps ever used to attach a fretboard on this forum goes to...
  21. Welcome You can do wonders with this stuff. Cheers Buter
  22. Ah, someone else who builds as fast as me! lookin good, Mike. B
  23. Personally, I would use your body template to make a new body template but without a neck pocket. After you make your neck with the dimensions that you want, not dimensions that are dictated to you by the maker of the body template, use your actual neck to set up your router guides to rout the neck pocket. For my money, that would be the easiest and best way to get a snug fit. Just a thought. Cheers Buter
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