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  1. I imagine that is was happened then, but you can never be sure until you buy it I guess.
  2. It's very possible that one of the power tubes (I believe the MTS's are tube amps, correct?) went out and blew out a fuse with it. It would be an easy fix if that's what is actually wrong with it. YMMV as always though.
  3. ^What's the first ugliest 8 string headstock you've ever seen?
  4. Wait, are you thinking about putting the speaker at the base of the neck, right below the strings? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. You'll get constant feedback me thinks, because the speaker would be vibrating the strings. For the actual amp, you could gut one of those little mini amps that are powered by a 9v, like a Marshal MS-2 for example.
  5. Cool man! I actually had to replace that jack... Turns out it only made contact with the tip when the cable was turned a certain way. O.o I also need to replace those DPDT switches I put in, I actually needed to use momentary switches for the GT-10. Other than that, it's working great! Glad to see another Peavey fan around here.
  6. Topic says it all. Let me apologize for the billionth time for the video\audio quality.
  7. Really? Good to know then, Any specific toggle switch that you prefer over the others?
  8. Hey y'all, I'm in a dilemma right now. It seems that every once in a while when I switch to my neck pickup on my guitar (EMG 85) it cuts out. If I flip the switch a couple of times it comes back in again. Would this be the pickup selector switch going bad? It's been doing it for a while, but has become more common recently. Thanks guys!
  9. Thanks Muzz for the info, I'm sure to ordering one of these VERY soon!
  10. Thanks for the back-plate pictures Muzz! I do have one question though, how is the access plate held on? I can't see from the pictures. Do you stick like a screwdriver\coin in the slot in the back?
  11. Just whenever you get around to it! Thanks!
  12. Hey, can you take some pictures of the trem cavity plate? That access door looks very sweet!
  13. Heh, I've actually keep the settings that I had before so far. I'm really enjoying the low end, it's much more present than with the internal combo speakers, but it's not boomy, so that's good. -Stormy
  14. The 4x12 sounds so much... fuller than the combo. Much more "umpf".
  15. So I got a used 5150 Straight cab today for $450. I got it figuring that I would eventually replace the stock Sheffields in it. I get it home, open the back up, and what greets me? Two Celestion Vintage 30's and two Celestion G12T-75's! Can you say "EPIC WIN!"? I bet this cab is going to really rock! XD -Stormy
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