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  1. Body: swamp ash neck: maple + rosewood 34" Hipshot tuners BadAss II bridge Seymour Duncan pickup CTS volume https://www.facebook.com/petercrowdesign?ref=bookmarks
  2. Specifications: Neck: Canadian Maple, Rosewood Fretboard Frets: medium jumbo Body: Swamp Ash Tuners: Hipshot light Bridge: Badass II​
  3. had no problem carving The finish: primer: Milesi thixotropic polyurethane varnish. about 4 layers masking and then the black acrylic paint. 2-3 layers cover: Milesi polish. satin finish. 5-6 layers
  4. W h i t e C r o w body: mahagany back neck: mahagany fretboard: ebony scale: 24,75" frets: 24 pickups: Dimarzio tuners: Shaller bridge: Shaller floyd finish: PU primer coating, PU topcoat sound: https://soundcloud.com/dandozolika/beres-szolo
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