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  1. Very cool, reminds me of a Zachary
  2. Ok here is my final attempt to try capturing the looks of the distressed tops... This was tough but I tried my best
  3. Ok here are some high quality pictures which I was able to take today, still not 100% satisfied so I will have another go tomorrow after work, enjoy For fun, a "helldunkel" picture
  4. Been waiting for these pickups for ages, finally they arrived at my front door! - The "Helldunkel's" So here is my NPD ceremony... These are handmade in France by a small artisan, and these pickups are the result of a close collaboration between him and me... I'm going to take some quality pictures and post them later, but for now, enjoy these
  5. I've been using this swiss made product for a long long time now, very effective... http://estalin.ch/en/pr_polish_metaux.php I've also made this short video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xityow_metarex-shiny-frets_music
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