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  1. I think I owe you this guys as an update and as a thank you for all your help! Ok, so that was the time when I thought it's time to call someone who knows what he is doing. I wanted some swirl finish with a binding, or maybe just oiled. But then I already had the fretboard darkened and I know that somebody on this forum has a swirl prestige s and a 540 neck on it and I didn't wanna be a copy cat. So I googled and was looking for shops who would do my request.....not telling you yet..... All of them turned me down!!!!! Funny, how the ones with the most fancy website and the most pict
  2. I'm doing 2 HBs, 1 Vol., 1 Tone, 3 way switch. It has no numbers on it, so the ones I found weren't very helpful and the diagram that came with the PU's is for a stock Strat switch. I hope someone can help me! EDIT: Or does the switch simply get wired like here, just that on my switch all the soldering joints are facing one side, instead of left and right???
  3. Very, very, very impressive! Incredible work and detail!
  4. I just dropped it off at a professional, I decided I want a binding and that's definitely no job for a beginner. Thanks again for all the help and replies!
  5. First of all, you guys are awesome, so many quick replies and help and that on easter sunday! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Happy Easter! One last thing that I might need, in the poti cavity is a little piece if metalsheet or tape for grounding and it looks like it needs to be replaced. Where would I get that?
  6. Thank you! How did I miss that! That copper tape looks actually pretty awesome! I'm getting excited again..... so, an regarding that other paint still left on the guitar....just more stripper?
  7. It does burn like crazy it was the brand I bought at Home Depot, not that orange stuf, it was in a metal can, but I can't remember the brand. Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me where to get the special paint?
  8. Hi, I just started to strip my S-series Body yesterday and I think I need some help now, because I have several questions. First I used the chemical method and strangely now word was mentioned on the main site to leave the paint on, in the pickup cavities, only in the sanding and heat tutorial is it mentioned to leave the paint on in the cavities, because it is a special conductive shielding paint :D So, well, now that I applied the stripper everywhere, where can I get this special paint to reapply it again??? I checked stewmac, but I didn't see it. Also, now that I have the pai
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