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  1. The usual caveats apply here. Don't attempt anything unless you have sufficient experience and knowledge to do so safely. Unplug electrical equipment before considering working on their internals. Don't wear loose clothing or allow untied long hair near belts! "So anyway I have this Craftsman Drill press I was given, but I already had a floor drill press. So I posted it on Craigslist but after a month no takers what to do with it. Well I was half asleep and the thought popped in my head, "Hey why not make it the buffing station you need". So I said well that a damn fine idea....." So the only thing I bought was the wheels and this from Grizzly. After pulling it apart and tossing the extra parts I was left with the motor, pulleys, belt and stand. So I started off adding some extensions so I would have some clearance from the stand so I don't accidentally bump into whatever I was buffing. So I grabbed some scrap Cherry and Maple. I cut em to the size needed and angled the edges with a hand plane. Now I was really interested in the pulleys because I wanted the ability to adjust speed. Cause when doing finishing, slow is always good. Now the first issue was the internal diameter was to small to fit the arbor. So I am too cheap to buy the correct size so lets mod this sucker out. To the lathe! So I bored it out to fit, drilled it out and tapped 3 set screws in the first hub. Next plugged the countersunk screws with Walnut and added a few coats of Tung Oil and made a box for the switch out of Maple and wired that. Now with everything bolted in. I added the wheels and made some washers/stiffeners out of some end grain cutting board scraps. And boom one professional buffing machine with adjustable speeds!
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