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  1. If we all liked the same thing, it would be a mighty boring world. SR
  2. I like two and four.....big surprise, I'm sure. SR
  3. Put a little burst around the inlay too. SR
  4. When I have a bunch of options, I usually pick the two I like best......and only play one of those. SR
  5. I'd go with the burst and finish the headstock cap the same way. SR
  6. Yeah, I've always felt that way, too. When you've gone out of the way to make the components and materials high end, to go with the high end skills and craftsmanship being employed in the build, it makes little sense to cheap out on one part. Unless that one inexpensive part is exactly what you want and need. Then it's just a bargain. SR
  7. There is an art to relicing. I've never been a fan of the look, but recognize the difficulty of making something look like it's been worn out over years as opposed to just recently being beat up. SR
  8. This looks to be some of the cleanest work you've done so far. SR
  9. I'd be tempted to go with black hardware with the turquoise. Black binding would look cool to. SR
  10. To me that is probably a 4A board, a fine job of bookmatching and the best board in the series of pictures...IMHO. SR
  11. That's the way I do it. As @Bizman62 says, it is easiest to keep your slots square to the centerline if you slot while the fretboard still has sides square to the centerline. I think it is also easier to glue the fretboard to the neck while the top surface is still flat, so I do that first and then radius. There are no rules though and plenty have done it in all the different orders possible with success. SR
  12. We may need some video of that little beastie. It looks un-killable. SR
  13. My ex father in law's name was Ron Ragen and his next door neighbor was named Billy Carter (same as ex president Jimmy Carter's beer guzzling brother.) As kids my ex and her siblings used to get a lot of mileage out of those little factoids. SR
  14. Hell, even the progress made here alone. The difference between the first shown here and the most recent is profound. I'd say the biggest improvement has been in finishing. SR
  15. HOLY CRAP LUIS! Every time I think you've raised the bar (you absolutely did), you come back next time and raise it again. You must have a pretty impressive client list (of impressed clients) by now. Do you have a pretty good number of repeat customers by now? What's the biggest number of guitars you've sold to any one player? SR
  16. Me? Klein P.A. F. '58 or '59. https://www.kleinpickups.com/c-21-humbucker-pickups.aspx SR
  17. How much more smoothly the gears would grind if all practiced that. SR
  18. I'm finally getting to see the pictures. My work computer is apparently blocking your hosting site. Now at the house I see what everyone else sees: WOOD PORN! Beautiful work so far and nice technique on bending that top. And what a top! That's almost fiddleback. SR
  19. Either way, in Finland the norm appears to be task oriented; get the work done first, and then chat. Sounds like there are no questions about who's in charge either. No trickery involved, everyone knows where they stand. SR
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