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  1. I only just now noticed the 12th fret marker matches the string ferrule cover matches the body color....... Really nice design touch. I love it! SR
  2. Thanks. That is extraordinarily good advice. SR
  3. I'm fairly chuffed with the figure and the burst. SR
  4. This is still a work in progress.....but it is polishing up nicely. S At a casual glance the wound appears to be healing nicely. Closer looks still show some scar tissue though. It seems there is still work to be done. SR
  5. Wally's hands are clean. He's across town in my office keeping his eye on Annie...in fact he can't seem to take his eyes off of her..... And your Cellsolve fix from a while back has been on my mind lately. I should get some.I've got a couple cracks in the first scroll guitar, that came from tightening the screws on the blade switch a tad too tight. It's kind of a mojo thing that I've let live, but I may get tired of that idea at some point. SR
  6. I have learned over the years that the guitar gods have a wicked sense of humor. SR
  7. I'll say! It might be strange seeing you make a different style headstock.... SR
  8. So true. There is no space under my little bench, so I'm going to have to carpet the garage with ultra plush. SR
  9. Thanks. I only wish I could say this was the only time I've ever done this..... SR
  10. Absolutely. I don't even want to think about it. SR
  11. Thanks man. It made an awful noise when it hit........ SR
  12. Thanks Andy. I hope it ends up impressive......or at least satisfactory. SR
  13. Impatience mostly. This is nitro. If you get it too thick the out gassing --solvent evaporation--gets trapped by a surface that has dried before all the solvent evaporates, which shows up as bubbles. I believe it is exacerbated in a warm environment, like my garage in Houston. It is hard to drop fill with a brush and not get a heavy deposit. Thin layers tend to remelt and get wiped off instead of building up. SR
  14. In fact I did. That's when the trouble started..... Very impressive fixtures you are making. They seem to be more work than the actual guitar. I hope you get dozens of gorgeous guitars out of them. SR
  15. I do have happier news. I saw this guy last night and totally loved it. SR
  16. The Palo Duro Canyon comes to mind as well along with the breaks of the Canadian. SR
  17. There was daylight left, so I peeled the tape off... And then went on leveling the top, which except for a few minor spatters was unscathed. And then made a dam out of tape and .015 polycarb. and filled the low spots with nitro. I'll take this back up this weekend. SR
  18. Well, After a week I knocked the tops off the orange peel to let the clear coat breath and outgas easier, and then took a vacation. When I got back the nitro had been curing/drying for about three weeks and I began leveling it. And towards the end of the I day I once again bounced the silly mo.,,,@#%$&***%!!! off the concrete floor of my garage and knocked a nickel sized chunk of nitro off the bottom and likewise off the back edge. This may be the fourth guitar I've done that to. I think I need to carpet my garage....or work in the living room--nope that is hard laminate, so maybe the backyard in the grass. After waxing poetic for some time....I started the repair-before taking pictures of the damage. It did not get all the way down to the wood so I painted the bottom with some leftover lacquer thinner black dye mix and then dropped in lacquer with a brush. Let it dry and repeat for the rest of the day. I did tape it off first but still managed to get some lacquer drops on the finish here and there and create more repairs for myself. Yay me. That's like looking at an open wound. It does work though,When I was untaping the fretboard and neck prior to knocking the tops off the orange peel I created a similar wound. I had a nut blank in place and didn't cut the nitro cleanly before knocking out so I could level the headstock I treated it the same way and leveled it back to shape with the rest of the clear at that stage. And then I began leveling the wound. Gently and not to full level because the nitro has not had enough time to fully shrink. I wanted to get of of the bumps I didn't need so I don't have to wait for them to cure just to be sanded off and I need to see if I need to add any nitro to the fill. And Yes I still need a little. SR
  19. Well, I went through the hill country on the way in and out, but I was referring to the Rocky Mountains. I spent a few days a little north of @killemall8's neighborhood in Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico and then headed up to my son's place in Denver after a stop in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I'm pretty sure that wasn't a national park the last time I was there. We took the grand kids to Rocky Mountain National Park and the next day headed back down hill. We came out of the mountains across the llano estacado, (staked plains.....don't know why they call them that, most folks would call them the high plains) then down off the caprock and through the hill country and finally into the coastal plains where I live. SR
  20. It is a pleasure to watch you work sir. SR
  21. Wow. You've kept quite busy whilst I was out traipsing around the high country. very cool and informative build(s). SR
  22. Man, you work just keeps getting cleaner and cleaner. Good stuff! SR
  23. Good to see you back into the fray. SR
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