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  1. Your color skills have come along way over the years, but I really like the subtle bursts on the natural woods very much too. Damn. SR
  2. Goodness. While I've been off traveling a bit, you've been working. Looks good too! SR
  3. I would have guessed Cuban at this point...probably because I have a table my uncle built in high school shop back in the 50's and that is Cuban and it is no longer available on the market. I used to have a desk with a lot of the same wood but let it get away before I started building guitars. However after seeing the end grain and reading much more, I agree with Carl that it likely is sapele. I've never routed that stuff without a chip-out no matter which way I run the cut. SR
  4. Beautiful work like always, Alessander! Very creative finish too--love it! SR
  5. I did check in during the early days, but have been out of town on holiday as you guys would call it for the last 10 days. I am thoroughly impressed the craftsmanship of the build and the jigs as well. I'm sure they get your motor running Carl! And I saw and heard a bass uke for the first time last week and was blown away by sound and depth of the bass output. Carry on Dave and continue to astound us. SR
  6. That's some very clean cutting on that template. SR
  7. Yeah, Just when I think your work couldn't possibly get any better, you post some progress pics the prove me wrong....and I think okay now it couldn't possibly get any better........ ...... and then you post some progress pics that prove me wrong.... and I think okay now it couldn't possibly get any better ..... SR
  8. The link did, in fact work. And I thank you for that, and I can get those here in Texas, or at least from Texas. If I had gone into more detail, I would have said my Babicz bridge doesn't come in Gotoh Cosmo black....for obvious reasons. And that being the largest single piece of hardware sort of sets the tone for the rest. I could have gone for a Gotoh wrap around bridge which look nice are good solid hardware. But I prefer a bridge that lets you adjust saddle height individually and the Babicz hardtail is my current favorite for that. Cheers! SR
  9. Ha! Either way it is gone now. The goggles sound cool. Be careful what you point them at. Many innocuous little things look damn scary 25x larger! SR
  10. Thank you sir, but me thinks thou protesteth too much. Your own finishing skills are exquisite. Ask anybody around here. SR
  11. And then you get more clear on it and it goes transparent. SR
  12. This little guy hung out with me most of the day. I decided to get closer to the blackish image I had in my head....and on my test piece. I've always wanted to see what a clear, then tint, then more clear then more tint, then lots more clear looked like.. It is tricky to tell what you've got. The tint layer is matte and sort of opaque. It is easy too think you've got too much. SR
  13. I tried to get a shot of the drop fill, but it disappeared....at least as far as the camera is concerned. This one shows it after some spraying. Too aggressive spraying as you can now see a run and some solvent pops. About this time a young anole run up from behind me--he's been living in the garage! He's definitely a blues lizard. I decided to clean up some runs and solvent pops and slow down a little. SR
  14. Dang, you don't mess about once you get an idea in your head! I'm liking this one very much. SR
  15. My understanding is Fender does all their fretting by shoving it in from the side. @Prostheta tested that method recently and seemed to come away fairly impressed by the method, I I remember correctly. SR
  16. Ahhhh. Nice catch. Missed that .......or didn't retain it for very long. SR
  17. The pics say they came out quite nicely. SR
  18. Yep, that looks great! Nicely done. SR
  19. That is a seriously clean nip job to have done it with a cutter disc. SR
  20. Actually since there is a block inside the body at that point, you could cut away the side material and join the neck directly to the block. Your fit and trimming of the sides would have to be precise--it would be like inlaying the neck joint into the sides there. Sounds like a lot more work to me..... SR
  21. I've never built one of these, so this suggestion may be crap.... but I'd be tempted to finesse the mating end of the neck blank to allow it to sit flush while keeping the centerlines in line. Once your fretboard is in place, it will be invisible. SR
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