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  1. Hi, I've just bought a Charvel Body with pickguard that I love and it has a Gotoh / Wilkinson Trem on it. Well, I want to put a Jackson like neck, or reverse headstock Strat style neck on it, but I need to make sure it fits which I think I understand, but I also want to make sure it's a good neck. I wrote a post ealier and they guy tells me that since the original neck was a 22 fret neck and the guitar has a scale of Fender, that I'll need a 22 fret neck with same scale and same neck pocket dimensions. I think that's what he meant anyway. So, now where to get the neck. I've narrowed it down to three or four places, but I'm wondering if there's a big difference in worksmanship? 1) I can get a used Japanese Jackson or Charvel Neck on Ebay that has the feel I like and 22 frets 2) I can get a Warmoth Neck pretty cheap that has what I want 3) I can get an allparts neck that has what I want but it's a tad bit more expensive or nearly the same as the Warmoth. I can get the Warmoth on sale for about 150 to 160 bucks shipped. 4) I can get a Mighty Mite neck, but I don't trust them and I don't like the idea of a plastic nut. So, I'm wondering if anyone has a preference on the necks from the various companies above? What I'm looking for in a neck is the following: 22 Jumo Frets with a flat radius of at least 12" or up to say 14" or even better like a Jackson with the compound radius which Warmoth also has.. I also love it if it has a double truss rod like warmoths, and I would love it even more with a reverse headstock like the Jackson Pointy Variety or even better the Jiimi Hendrix look which I think means I can just buy a left handed neck from Warmoth or Allparts? I have an Allparts neck now that is a strat, along with a strat alder body and it's ok, and says licensed by Fender allparts on it. I'm just curius where these necks are made? Allparts that is? I know that I can get a Japanese neck from Jackson or Charvel used, or a Warmoth neck New from the US! What neck would you folks recommend? The most important thing is that the neck is stable and has good jumbo frets, and won't warp, etc,. The body has a checkered black and white pickguard with one Hum and I'll be using an EMG in it.. This will be my Metal and Hard Rock neck. The Allparts guitar I've been building with the allparts neck and strat front routed body is going to be using a blue lace in the bridge and two golds in the mid and neck and will just be stained and used for everything from blues to rock.. I'm using these guitars thru a Peavey Ranger 2 x 12 Tube amp which has 4 pre tubes and 4 post tubes.. I love the clean channel and use it with pedals since it's a 120 watt amp and is LOUD! Thanks and sorry for the verbosity. I hope this is the right place to post such a question.. Tim
  2. Thank you for the answer, but that brings up another question. Will I be able to buy a replacement neck that is 22 frets then and make it work? The body orginally was a Charvel with a 22 fret neck. So, I'm assuming that any neck with 22 frets and same scale of 25.75" will work as long as the neck heel is correct, etc? I'm asking because the same company has a Charvel 22 fret neck I like, and I've also thought about buying a Left Handed Neck Bolt on neck from Allparts. Would that work? The Allparts neck is 22 frets with a 12" radius and Jumbo frets of 112 X 55 tall I believe. Big like I like them. I would think the only thing that matters is the scale length and again as you say it having 22 frets, etc,? Please educate me Tim
  3. Hi, I just bought a Jackson Charvel Guitar body whcih is front routed with an HSH route. It has no body as I was planning / am planning to buy a new body for it. It said online / ebay where I bought it that it was a 25 1/2" scale guitar with standard 2 1/4" route. I think they maybe meant 2 3/16" route after I spoke with the owner via the phone. Either way. I'm wanting to put a new neck on it, but I'm after a Jackson neck that is 24 frets instead of 22 like the neck that was on it? Shouldn't it work as long as the scale is correct and all other things are equal? I don't want to buy the neck and then find out it won't work? I thought as long as the scale works and the neck pocket size is the same it should work? Any help would be most appreicated.. Thanks Tim
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