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  1. Hello all!!! Back from the dead!!! It has been six and a half years since I have done any work on this guitar, and about 11 years since I started it. At this pace I plan to be done by the time I am 70. Anyways, I finally have some better woodworking skills and enough money to buy necessities. Plus, I am not a total moron anymore, just a partial one. I decided to sort of reset this project because there were a lot of issues: 1. The fretboard was way too thin -- I was warned by many on here about that one 2. The frets were not seated in all the way 3. I hate hardtail styl
  2. Long time no post. I have been working lately but not on my guitar. Did a few things today with it and over the past month. Now I'm just down to side dots, final sanding and shaping, finishing, and then a final setup. I have basically a week left before school soooo... Headstock veneer is on. I am making a truss rod cover right now that should be cool. The nut (really a string guide) is finished but I have no picture of that apparently. Rear route is basically done. I just need to chisel it a bit. Also drilled the output jack at an angle. Tricky stuff.
  3. I am using templates that I've made. I should have made an inner template though instead of trying to freehand it. Lesson learned. And I didn't even consider that about the dowels. Hopefully they don't move too much. Thanks for the tips. I love learning about this stuff. The back of the headstock is glued and cleaned up. I made a little volute with it.
  4. Thanks for the tips guys. I did the re-drill with a forstner and I'll be picking up a brad point when I redrill the holes. I'm glad I finally got a drill press. I ended up just ordering some macassar ebony veneer which should arrive next week. So the past few days I've been making templates and marking out where my control cavity and humbucker routes are gonna be. Humbucker route is finished. Ended up being 3/16" too deep because 10/16" + 13/16" does not equal 26/16". Small mistake aside, I am very happy with my second ever template route. Needs just a little cleaning up. My first
  5. Happy Father's Day everybody. Hope everybody enjoys it. Summer break is on and I'm back to work fixing my f-ups. Firstly, the headstock was too thick. I could have simply sanded down the headstock, but I figured it would be cool to countersink the tuners instead. STUPID! I didn't research much. I made the recesses too small in diameter. Plus half of them got screwed up because I was using a hand drill. Then turns out I made them too close together anyways. So I decided to plug em and then veneer the headstock. I think that will hide my mistakes nicely. You can see what I was tryi
  6. Tuner holes drilled! One is crooked. I may plug it and redrill it. But probably not haha. I installed my bridge! It turns out that the center line of the fretboard is not in line with the centerline of the body. So my bridge appears crooked according to the body. But it should be in line with the neck and that's what matters. I haven't strung it up yet, so I'm not sure if I'll need to recess the bridge or not yet. will find out soon. It is super close. I also put in the ferrules in the back, but no pictures of that. Those are not completely perfect, but they're not noticeably crooked and ho
  7. Duke can be my favorite thing again if this guitar doesn't play great. A few days ago I fretted the neck! I used a plastic tipped hammer from lowe's. Things turned out pretty good considering it was my first time. A few frets I had to pull and redo. There were four that I ended up using some CA glue to keep them in because the slot was a little too wide. I also had to use CA to fix a few chips. But things turned out alright. I also glued on an ear to the headstock and cut out the shape. Simple but I like it. I also dressed the fret ends with a file and sandpaper. It is very rough right now
  8. I am loving the headless! Your work is so clean. So why do you hate zero frets?
  9. Heel is carved. I used a belt sander, orbital sander, rasps, and hand sanding. EDIT: I have also carved the neck. Belt sander and orbital sander again.
  10. Thanks Scott. I ended up going with 1 7/8". My fretboard is pretty thin. That's my biggest issue with this build. I have a hardtail bridge that's 5/16" tall. My fretboard is about 3/32". Factoring in fret height I am not yet sure if I'll need to recess the bridge yet or not. If I do, it'll only need to be a tiny bit. Ok so far today I've marked out the neck taper by drawing a straight line from the final width of the neck at the nut to the corner of my fretboard (which is already the width I need it to be). Then I used a sideways beltsander to take it down to the line. It took me about
  11. Thanks guys. She weighs 8.6 pounds right now. I'm guessing after the rest of carving and routing and hardware it'll be around 7. It's a bit neck heavy right now. But I got this shape so I could straddle it on my right leg while playing. feels good so far. To carve I used a rasp to get the rough shape and then I actually used an orbital sander with an 80 grit pad and a little hand sanding. So I'm in between a 1.75" nut width and 1 7/8". Has anyone used 1 7/8" before?
  12. Thanks for the positive comments everybody. I planed both surfaces and sanded them flat. I think I probably just didn't do that job perfectly. Also maybe there wasn't enough clamping pressure, or it wasn't applied evenly. More clamps is always better. From the lumberyard the wood was very very rough and I did have it thicknessed, but the glue surfaces I did not. I only handplaned and sanded the gluing surfaces. So the past few days I finished most of the carving. The front face is done. The back has all the edges tapered, and now I just need to carve the neck joint. I probably w
  13. So the past few days I've been sanding a lot. The final overall shape is finished, and now I'm in the process of carving. I also decided on a hipshot hardtail bridge and hipshot tuners. I also ordered an EMG 707 for the bridge. No neck pup on this one. Honestly I don't think I'll need it enough to spend $100+ on something I'll hardly use. Here's just some block and hand sanding down to the lines I've drawn. I actually had to carve in the curve by hand on a part of the guitar because I lost the line I drew (and my dog ate my template). It turned out good though. wiped with mineral spi
  14. Here's another update! So I glued both wings onto the neck. It was a little difficult because over the years the lumber sat, it warped a little. The joints ended up pretty good though. I also recut the fret slots after radiusing the board. I am hoping the board will be fine. It's little thin at the edges. I then jigsawed the rough body shape and did some sanding of the front and back face. I don't have a drum sander, so getting the guitar into final shape will be done with a sideways beltsander, a rasp, and a lot of hand sanding. Almost looks like a guitar. Here'
  15. Dry run on gluing the first wing. The joint looks seamless after some handplaning and some block sanding. It was pretty out of whack after sitting for three years. I'm getting some glue and clamps tomorrow!
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